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Politics: Cadre Complains, Leader Switches!Politics: Cadre Complains, Leader Switches!

Politics: The cadre forms the fundamental cornerstone of any political party. While the leadership at the apex may transform, the cadre remains steadfast, providing unwavering support and assistance to the leaders across all dimensions.

The loss of cadre would pose an existential threat to political parties. They serve as the bedrock, essential for the survival and functioning of the party.

Emphasizing this reality, leaders of diverse political parties consistently reiterate that the cadre constitutes their lifeblood and represents a vital component of politics.

Nevertheless, the ground reality starkly contrasts with this sentiment. Cadres are often neglected when it comes to actual action and decision-making within the party.

Recent incidents in several villages neighboring Nuzivid, Penamaluru, and Tanuku highlight the significance attributed to cadre in politics by various political parties.

Muddaraboyina Venkateswara Rao, who has long been at the helm of the TDP cadre in Nuzvid, has been sidelined by the party leadership. His supporters have unequivocally stated that they will not extend their support to any new leader appointed in his place.

In Penamaluru, the leadership transition has sent shockwaves through the party, as the cadre staunchly refuses to step out of their homes in support of the new leader. Minister Jogi Ramesh even issued threats of severe repercussions if the cadre didn’t comply with the party boss’ decision. However, the cadre questioned why they should acquiesce to someone else’s decision. “Why should we hoist the flags of individuals you appoint without consulting us?” they demanded.

In Tanuku, tensions escalated as functionaries from the TDP and Jana Sena nearly clashed with each other.

In Vijayawada Central as well, the newly appointed YCP in-charge and former minister Vellampalli Srinivas resorted to distributing gifts to the cadre in an attempt to win their favor.

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However, the effectiveness of this gesture has been limited.

“Until yesterday, we were rallying behind one individual, going door-to-door, and urging people to vote for them. Now, this person has been replaced. We’re left uncertain about who will lead us come election time. None of these leaders are truly advocating for our interests. Why should we continue to wave their flags? In fact, we’re facing ridicule from the public for constantly changing our allegiance,” lamented the cadre in a constituency in the united Krishna district.

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