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Pawan Kalyan and Rayudu meet; what’s going on?

Pawan Kalyan and Rayudu meet; what's going on?Pawan Kalyan and Rayudu meet; what's going on?

Pawan Kalyan and Rayudu: Ambati Rayudu seems to have mastered the art of political innings, displaying a T20-style approach in his political affiliations. Just like his explosive batting on the cricket field, Rayudu’s political journey has witnessed quick and unexpected twists. Initially aligning with YS Jagan’s YSRCP, it seemed like Rayudu had found his political home. However, in a surprising move, he swiftly parted ways with the party after a mere 10 days, leaving political pundits scratching their heads. This strategic retreat from the political pitch adds an intriguing layer to his already unpredictable political career. As spectators eagerly await his next move, one thing is for sure – in Rayudu’s world, the game is always on, whether it’s on the cricket field or the political stage.

Despite initial expectations of a prolonged break, Ambati Rayudu has wasted no time in his political comeback. Swiftly navigating his way through the political landscape, he recently held a meeting with Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the JanaSena party. It seems that Ambati Rayudu is currently weighing the possibility of joining JanaSena in his political endeavors. If not, the purpose behind his meeting with Pawan Kalyan today, just 10 days after parting ways with YCP, remains somewhat unclear. Pawan Kalyan and Rayudu

Does Rayudu think that JSP will give him an MP or MLA ticket? With JSP and TDP together, and the difficulty of ticket allocation at the last minute, this should be a challenging last-minute prospect.

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