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Mission Divyastra: Top Scientist Explains Why the Agni-5 Missile Is a Game Changer For India

Mission Divyastra: Top Scientist Explains Why the Agni-5 Missile Is a Game Changer For IndiaMission Divyastra: Top Scientist Explains Why the Agni-5 Missile Is a Game Changer For India

Mission Divyastra: Dr. V K Saraswat, former Director General of DRDO and currently a member of NITI Aayog’s Science and Technology department, emphasized that the Agni-5 MIRV ballistic weapons system significantly enhances India’s second-strike capability, providing it with increased potency, greater influence, and a denser operational zone. Developed over a decade by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, the missile completed its inaugural flight on Monday, elevating India to an exclusive league of nations and reshaping its geopolitical and strategic standing, marking a pivotal development in southeast Asia.

When queried about the implications of this weapon for India’s nuclear and missile program, Dr. Saraswat informed NDTV that it would serve as a “force multiplier,” expanding the weapon’s “sphere of influence.”

Utilizing Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology, the new weapon system enables a single missile to deploy multiple nuclear warheads, capable of striking targets at various locations simultaneously.

Dr. Saraswat stated, “It will significantly enhance destruction even with just one missile. The necessity for launching numerous missiles in response to an enemy attack would decrease in the future. This concept is referred to as a Force Multiplier.”

He further remarked that this represents “a significant advancement in missile technology, encompassing control, guidance, and precision.”

The Agni-5 MIRV employs smaller warheads to achieve a more substantial impact. Dr. Saraswat described it as an “evolutionary progression” within nuclear technology, affirming that India remains at the forefront of this advancement.

PM Modi appreciates DRDO scientists

Yesterday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the successful test of Agni-5 MIRV, expressing pride in the DRDO scientists for accomplishing Mission Divyastra.

“Happy for our DRDO scientists’ accomplishments with Mission Divyastra, the first flight test of the country’s own Agni-5 missile equipped with Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology,” Prime Minister Modi wrote on X, the previous Twitter platform.

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President Droupadi Murmu of India described it as a significant milestone in India’s progression towards assuming a greater geo-strategic role and enhancing its capabilities.

Only a few countries presently possess the technology, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China.

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