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Medical Scam: Fake Doctors, Dead Patients: How a Medical Scam Began in South Delhi

By Nov 16, 2023
Medical Scam: Fake Doctors, Dead Patients: How a Medical Scam Began in South DelhiMedical Scam: Fake Doctors, Dead Patients: How a Medical Scam Began in South Delhi

Medical Scam: In connection with the deaths of two patients who had surgeries at a clinic in the south Delhi neighborhood, four people were taken into custody.

In Delhiā€™s upscale Greater Kailash area, a shocking incident involving two doctors, a woman posing as a surgeon, a laboratory technician, and multiple dead patients has surfaced.

Along with Mahender Singh, a former laboratory technician, three people were taken into custody on Tuesday: Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, Pooja Agarwal, his beloved wife, and Dr. Jaspreet Singh, according to the Delhi Police.

Police claim that Asghar Ali, a patient, was brought into the clinic in 2022 to receive treatment for his gallbladder. In the beginning, Mr. Ali was told that Dr. Jaspreet, a licensed surgeon, would do the operation. Just before the procedure, Pooja and Mahendra took Dr. Jaspreet’s place.

Fake Doctors, Dead Patients: How a Medical Scam Began in South Delhi

Mr. Ali was reported to have been in excruciating pain after leaving the operating room. He was taken to Safdarjung Hospital right away, where he was declared dead.

Families of the patients claimed that Dr. Agarwal, who oversees the Agarwal Medical Centre, and three other people operated on several patients’ vital organs without adhering to accepted medical practices. Dr. Agarwal is a doctor, but he does surgeries because he has fictitious documents, say the complainants.

At least nine complaints against Dr. Agarwal, Pooja, and the Agarwal Medical Center have been made since 2016, according to the case’s investigation. The police claimed that medical negligence was the reason behind the patients’ deaths in all seven cases, as reported by the news agency PTI.

The investigation exposed Agarwal’s routine practice of fabricating records about patients’ care and surgeries, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Chandan Chowdhary. On November 1, a medical board consisting of four doctors was called to examine the medical center, and a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies were observed, Chowdhary said.

Police have seized two registers containing patient information for medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) procedures performed at the clinic, 414 prescription slips with only doctors’ signatures and plenty of blank space left at the top, and several injections and medications that are not allowed to be stored outside of hospital settings.

From Agarwal’s home and clinic, the police have also found expired surgical blades, original prescription slips from multiple patients, checkbooks from 47 different banks, 54 ATM cards from different banks, passbooks from multiple post offices, and six credit card machines with point-of-sale terminals.

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