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Manipur news: Over two missing Meitei youngsters’ deaths, thousands of students protest in Imphal.

By Sep 26, 2023

The two Meitei students went missing on July 6 — at the height of the state’s ethnic turmoil — and a sizable group of students came together and launched a protest in Imphal to demand justice for them.

On September 26, thousands of students in Imphal came to the streets in response to images of the dead bodies of two missing Meitei teens who were allegedly killed by suspected Kuki insurgents.

The two Meitei students went missing on July 6 – at the height of the state’s ethnic conflict – and a sizable group of students assembled and launched a protest in Imphal to demand justice for them.

Images of the two missing Manipur students quickly went viral on social media in the North-Eastern state after internet access were restored. One of the pictures depicts the two students’ bodies lying dead, while the other shows them cowering in panic in front of two armed men.

Meanwhile, it has apparently been confirmed by the Manipur administration that the bodies belonged to the two missing Meitei students. According to the information, the two deceased pupils have been named as male student Phijam Hemjit (20) and female student Hijam Linthoingambi (17).

According to the photographs’ timeline, Luwangbi left with Hijam on his KTM motorcycle on July 6 and hasn’t been seen since.

State Government’s response:

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is already looking into the case, according to information provided by the chief minister’s office of Manipur (CMO).

The CM Secretariat stated in a press release on September 25 that state police were “actively investigating the case in collaboration with the central security agencies to determine the circumstances surrounding their disappearance and to identify the perpetrators who murdered the two students.” To find the offenders, the security forces have also begun a search operation.

“In reaction to this upsetting scenario, the government promises the populace that all individuals responsible for the deaths of Phijam Hemjit and Hijam Linthoingambi would face speedy action. The government is dedicated to ensuring that justice is served, and it will punish anyone who

Priyanka Gandhi hits out:

Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra used X to criticize the BJP-led governments in the Center and Manipur, writing, “More alarming news from Manipur. When there is ethnic violence, children are the most susceptible victims. We must take every precaution to keep them safe. Incomprehensible atrocities are being committed in Manipur, yet nothing is being done to stop them. Because of its inaction, the central government ought to feel guilty.

Since ethnic confrontations started on May 3 in the northeastern state after a “Tribal Solidarity March” was organized in the hill areas to oppose the majority Meitei community’s desire for Scheduled Tribe designation, more than 175 people have died and several hundred have been injured.

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