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Jana Sena & TDP Rejected By BJP? What About Prospective Candidates?

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Jana Sena & TDP Rejected By BJP? What About Prospective Candidates?Jana Sena & TDP Rejected By BJP? What About Prospective Candidates?

At the moment, coalitions and electoral pacts are central to Andhra Pradesh politics. Although TDP and Jana Sena have already partnered, the parties are eager for Narendra Modi and the Amit Shah-led BJP to join them. Only Pawan Kalyan has publicly expressed his desire for the BJP to join their coalition in order to bring the opposition together and collaborate towards defeating Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSRCP. The political events of late indicate that the BJP is persistently postponing the decision to form an alliance with TDP-Janasena. Certain political situations in Andhra Pradesh suffer if the BJP chooses not to join the alliance.

This action by the BJP will now eventually affect its candidates as well as those interested in running with the TDP and Jana Sena alliance. Raghurama Krishna Raju, the MP for Narsapuram, has been vocally opposing YS Jagan and his party. He has long been involved in opposition roles within the state. He wanted to compete from BJP for Narsapuram Lok Sabha with the help of TDP and Jana Sena. As part of the TDP-Janasena agreement seat sharing, Raju could receive a ticket from Janasena if the BJP modifies its original proposal. However, CM Jagan treated RRR’s Lok Sabha campaign with dignity and promised to beat him in the polls. Jagan would therefore exert every effort to overcome Raghurama Raju.

Sujana Chowdary, a BJP leader, expressed interest in running for parliament from the Vijayawada seat in her most recent speech. What if BJP not coalition with TDP – Janasena? Will he return to the TDP? Maybe run on a BJP ticket alone?

TDP and Jana Sena are in wait and watch mode while YSRCP is finalizing its in-charges and likely candidates for the Assembly and Lok Sabha. They wish to capitalize on any last-minute entries from partygoers.

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