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Jagan ‘s Opinion Regarding The Discussion Of Pawan Kalyan’s Marriages

Jagan 's Opinion Regarding The Discussion Of Pawan Kalyan'sJagan 's Opinion Regarding The Discussion Of Pawan Kalyan's

Jagan: “Andhra Pradesh’s incumbent Chief Minister, YS Jagan, minced no words in a recent interview with a Telugu news channel, where he labeled Pawan Kalyan as ‘Datta Putrudu,’ insinuating that in every wrongdoing attributed to Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan holds a stake. Jagan backed his bold assertion with what he deemed as logical support, justifying the attacks he had launched against the Janasena Party president. He made it clear that this ridicule of Pawan Kalyan and his party would persist indefinitely.”

When pressed on why he persists in targeting Pawan Kalyan’s past marriages, YS Jagan responded with a pointed critique, branding the Janasena president as a poor role model. “When someone changes spouses every five years, those who look up to them might stray from the right path,” he asserted. Speaking to the issue of Kalyan’s divorces, he remarked, “Once may be considered a mistake, twice bad luck, but when it becomes a pattern extending to the third and fourth time, it reflects a troubling habit.” Jagan concluded by asserting that individuals with such habits are unfit to lead.

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YS Jagan’s expectations from Pawan Kalyan concerning the matter of his marriages are straightforward: an apology. “If someone highlights a flaw or mistake you’ve made, the appropriate response is to provide an explanation and extend an apology,” Jagan emphasized. He underscored the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions by acknowledging faults and expressing regret as a fundamental aspect of accountability.

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