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Jagan advertisements in Telangana theaters Useful at all?

Jagan advertisements in Telangana theaters Useful at all?Jagan advertisements

Jagan: For the incumbent AP chief minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, KCR’s loss of power in Telangana was a warning sign. YS Jagan is making a big effort to get the public’s attention by being proactive. In an effort to combat anti-incumbency sentiment, Jagan is also replacing as many existing MLAs. The country has never tried anything like this before with regard to changing the number of incumbent MLAs. It remains to be seen if these will result in any positive outcomes.

By calling Siddham gatherings in Bheemili and Denduluru, Jagan sounded the poll trumpet, and three more are scheduled to take place shortly. The irony lies in the fact that Telangana movie theaters show AP government advertisements. Many eyes are being drawn to this. During the intermission, anyone attending a Telangana movie would see advertisements from the AP government. “What is the purpose of AP government ads in Telangana cinemas?” is a question that many have. This is a commonly asked question. The intention is to get settler voters to notice. There is no denying the large number of AP natives living in Hyderabad, Khammam, and other Telangana cities. There are a lot of settler votes.

While most individuals may choose not to participate in voting, there are some dedicated individuals who travel long distances to their hometowns to exercise their right to vote. This is the demographic that Jagan is targeting with these advertisements. Whether these ads will effectively sway public opinion or not is a separate matter. However, the YSRCP is making a concerted effort to capture attention. It appears that Jagan is drawing lessons from the defeat of the BRS government in Telangana.

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