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“Issue of great concern”: Supreme Court seeks Centre’s response to TN’s petition against Governor for failing to act on State Bills.

By Nov 10, 2023
"Issue of great concern": Supreme Court seeks Centre's response to TN's petition against Governor for failing to act on State Bills."Issue of great concern": Supreme Court seeks Centre's response to TN's petition against Governor for failing to act on State Bills.

“Issue of great concern”: In this regard, the Court also requested the Attorney General’s and Solicitor General’s assistance.

The Supreme Court took issue with Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi’s refusal to sign as many as 12 bills passed by the state legislature on Friday.

A bench of Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud and Justices JB Pardiwala and Manoj Misra stated that the issues raised by the State of Tamil Nadu are of great concern, and proceeded to issue a notice to the Central government.

There is serious concern about the issues brought up. According to the tabulated statements, up to twelve bills that were submitted to the governor under Article 200 do not seem to have prompted any further action, and there are still unresolved issues with the appointment of a public service commission, the proposal for a sanction, and early release. We hereby give notice to the Union of India, as represented by the Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs,” the Court ruled.

The State government claimed that the Governor was ignoring files related to penalties for prosecuting public employees and the early release of different inmates during a plea hearing.

The State government, represented by attorney Sabarish Subramanian, petitioned the Supreme Court to order the Governor to take action on the matter within a certain amount of time.

Furthermore, the government requested the issuance of guidelines on the deadlines for governors to ratify Assembly-passed bills, citing the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission.

The plea claimed that the Governor’s lack of cooperation with the State administration is putting the entire administration at a standstill and fostering an adversarial attitude.

The elected government of the State and the Constitutional Head of the State are at odds over the Governor’s inactions. That the Hon’ble Governor is eroding the citizen’s mandate by failing to carry out their constitutionally mandated duties, the plea read.

Senior Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, representing the State, stated during the hearing today that numerous States in the nation are now witnessing this trend of governors refusing to take action on bills.

This is a disease spreading from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, he stated.

The CJI went on to say that since the AG’s and SG’s assistance would be needed, the Court would issue a notice and postpone the matter.

Kindly allow the SG or AG to arrive. When were the bills passed? We can publish notice now and keep it later,” the CJI enquired.

Roughly two or three years prior. Remission orders will not be signed by him. Absolutely nothing. We are pleading with you in this letter to approve prosecution or remission. People are incarcerated. “Action must be taken, Singhvi answered.

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