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iPhone 15 has reportedly been spotted on the BIS certification website ahead of its expected launch next month

By prem kumar Aug 18, 2023
iPhone 15 has reportedlyiPhone 15 has reportedly

The Apple iPhone 15 has appeared on India’s regulatory database, the BIS certification website, ahead of its expected release in September.-iPhone 15 has reportedly

iPhone 15 has reportedly
iPhone 15 has reportedly

Apple iPhone 15 Emerges on BIS Certification Website

The BIS certification website in India has unveiled a significant development: the forthcoming Apple iPhone 15 is set to make its debut in September. This exciting revelation, as reported by MySmartPrice, is based on the appearance of the Apple device with the model number A3094 in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) database. These findings closely align with existing reports, which suggest that this particular model belongs to the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series, poised to enter the market next month.

A Glimpse into the Upcoming iPhone 15 Series

Although the BIS entry remains discreet about the device’s specifics, speculation has arisen regarding an unreleased variant of the iPhone. This intriguing development follows closely on the heels of reports affirming Apple’s initiation of iPhone 15 production within India.

Certification Within the “Mobile Phones” Category

The certification status of the Apple A3094 model, as categorized under “mobile phones” within the BIS database, reinforces the larger expectation surrounding the iPhone 15 series. This series is projected to comprise several iterations, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Transition to USB-C Connectivity

A notable paradigm shift for Apple seems imminent, as emerging leaks point towards the company’s inclination to embrace USB-C connectivity for its upcoming iPhone 15 series. This noteworthy departure from the traditional Lightning cable is substantiated by preliminary images revealing connectors intricately connected to flexible PCB components.

USB-C Adoption and Regulatory Compliance

The shift to integrate USB Type-C ports in the iPhone 15 series is, in part, a response to Apple’s commitment to adhere to EU regulations. Esteemed figures in the Apple analysis domain, such as Greg Joswiak, Ming-Chi Kuo, and Mark Gurman, have alluded to this transformative transition. Their insights suggest a potential shift away from the Lightning cord in favor of the versatile USB-C.

Production Milestone in India

A credible Bloomberg report has illuminated a significant milestone: the much-anticipated iPhone 15 has commenced production in Tamil Nadu, India. This strategic move underscores Apple’s diversification efforts, aimed at reducing its reliance on manufacturing in China. The collaboration involves key manufacturing partners, including Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron—where the Tata Group is actively pursuing an acquisition. This strategic manufacturing shift echoes Apple’s existing production of iPhone models within India and the upcoming plans to manufacture AirPods within the same region.

Summing Up and Staying Informed

As the Apple iPhone 15 garners attention on India’s BIS certification platform, all signs point towards its impending September release. This unveiling coincides with Apple’s broader initiative to expand production capabilities within India, marked by the anticipated integration of USB-C connectivity within the iPhone 15 series. This aligns with both global regulations and evolving industry trends. The strategic move of iPhone 15 production to India highlights Apple’s proactive diversification strategy beyond China’s borders, extending its footprint to encompass the manufacturing of AirPods as well. To remain informed of the latest developments, stay attuned to reliable sources and official announcements from Apple.

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