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Indian-American White House official accused of fostering ‘toxic’ atmosphere

Indian-American White House official accused of fostering 'toxic' atmosphereIndian-American White House official accused of fostering 'toxic' atmosphere

Indian-American: The “drug czar” for President Joe Biden, Rahul Gupta, is being accused of cultivating a “toxic” work environment. He has come under fire from several officials for putting his public persona above his official duties.

In short
  • Rahul Gupta is accused of fostering a poisonous work atmosphere in the White House.
  • High employee attrition is attributed to the director’s management
  • There are worries that the director prioritizes his public persona over his primary responsibilities.

An Indian-American White House staffer tasked with combating the opioid epidemic is being accused of creating a “toxic” work atmosphere.

Several former and present officials from the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) have named Rahul Gupta, a White House director.

According to Politico, they blamed the ‘drug czar’ for “significant staff turnover and widespread discontent”.

Politico quoted nine unnamed sources acquainted with office operations who described Gupta as egocentric and ‘prima donna’ preoccupied with his public profile.

These charges have surfaced at a time when the office is experiencing major staff turnover. Politico reports that at least eight key officials, along with numerous others, have quit in recent months.

The withdrawals have left the office with insufficient top officials since approximately 75 persons have left the office. The departures have made it difficult for them to achieve critical deadlines.

When everyone leaves, it can’t be ‘everybody is the problem, one of the unnamed former officials told the media. On some level, you might be the problem, stated Politico. – Indian-American

According to a spokesperson for the ONDCP, addressing the overdose epidemic holds profound personal significance for Gupta. This stems from his extensive experience as a physician, where he has treated numerous patients grappling with substance-use disorders. Furthermore, Gupta has spearheaded public health response initiatives at the forefront of the opioid crisis in West Virginia, underscoring his unwavering dedication to this critical mission.

The official emphasized that Gupta remains deeply committed to enhancing life-saving public health services, thwarting the flow of illicit drugs into our communities, and engaging with Americans nationwide to bolster our comprehensive societal response.

Rahul Gupta, a physician with over 25 years of expertise, was named to the ONDCP by President Joe Biden in 2021. He also served as Health Commissioner for two West Virginia governors and as a medical professor at various universities.

Gupta was first complimented for his qualifications but later claimed that he fell short of expectations.


Politico was informed by seven current and former officials that Gupta fell short of their expectations. They claimed that to improve his public image, Rahul Gupta put pressure on his small staff and even became irate when they were unable to set up meetings with influential people while on trips.

Politico claims that because Gupta travels both domestically and internationally for his public-facing job, “staff often felt he had unrealistic demands about his travel accommodations.”

Both the past and present officials expressed that Gupta was more concerned with his travels than with the ONDCP’s mission. When traveling, he demanded to be treated like a high-ranking government official and would become irate if his staff failed to comply.

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Politico claimed that Gupta canceled one trip in 2023 after months of preparation because he refused to ride Southwest Airlines.

Rahul Gupta measured a hotel room in a different instance and subsequently requested a larger one. Directors of the ONDCP don’t typically use their luxurious government SUVs for social gatherings other than work-related ones, yet he would nonetheless show up to embassy parties in one.

Some others think that Gupta may not be fully committed to the office’s primary responsibility because his actions don’t align with what Biden expects from his team. Rahul Gupta’s former coworkers held him accountable for the office’s issues. – Indian-American

The ex-officials claimed to be even less informed about the ONDCP, which Rahul Gupta leads.

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