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Himachal Pradesh government announces ₹1,500 per month to women aged 18-60 years

Himachal Pradesh government announces ₹1,500 per month to women aged 18-60 yearsHimachal Pradesh government announces ₹1,500 per month to women aged 18-60 years.

Himachal Pradesh government: In line with pre-election promises, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Sukhu has pledged to provide ₹1,500 monthly to women aged 18 to 60 starting from the next fiscal year. This initiative aims to empower women economically and ensure their financial independence. The move reflects the government’s commitment to uplift the status of women and address gender disparities in the state. By offering financial assistance, the government hopes to enhance the livelihoods of women and contribute to their overall well-being. This progressive step aligns with efforts to promote gender equality and inclusive development in Himachal Pradesh. The announcement underscores the government’s dedication to fulfilling its electoral pledges and improving the lives of its citizens. 

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Sukhu disclosed that the state government intends to allocate ₹800 crore annually to the Indira Gandhi Pyari Behna Sukh Samman Nidhi Yojna. This significant investment underscores the government’s commitment to supporting women’s economic empowerment. The initiative is poised to benefit over five lakh women across Himachal Pradesh, marking a substantial stride towards gender-inclusive development. Sukhu’s announcement reflects a proactive approach to addressing socio-economic disparities and promoting women’s welfare in the state. The scheme’s implementation signifies a concerted effort to realize the electoral promises and foster a more equitable society.

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The Chief Minister announced that this initiative marks the fulfillment of five out of the ten electoral promises made by the party before the Assembly elections. This achievement demonstrates the government’s commitment to delivering on its pledges and meeting the expectations of the electorate. It signifies significant progress towards realizing the party’s vision for Himachal Pradesh’s development and welfare. – Himachal Pradesh government

The Chief Minister reaffirmed his government’s action in reinstating the old pension scheme, benefiting 1.36 lakh state employees. This move reflects the administration’s commitment to addressing the concerns of its workforce and ensuring their financial security. By restoring the pension scheme, the government aims to provide stability and support to its employees, fostering a conducive work environment.

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