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Hanuman Chalisa: Amid the ‘Muslims’ remark issue, PM Narendra Modi claimed ‘Hanuman Chalisa is a crime’ under Congress rule

Hanuman Chalisa: Amid the 'Muslims' remark issue, PM NarendraHanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched another harsh attack on the Congress in Rajasthan, stating that listening to Hanuman Chalisa had become a crime under the party’s control.

At a rally at Tonk-Sawai Madhopur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that the Congress, which led the previous Rajasthan government, had outlawed Ram Navami in the state.

Under Congress’s reign, it is illegal to even listen to Hanuman Chalisa. Rajasthan has suffered from it.A Shobha Yatra procession was held in Rajasthan for the first time this Ram Navami.Ram Navami was prohibited by the Congress in Rajasthan, a state where people shout Ram-Ram,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated.

Karnataka Hanuman Chalisa

During the event, PM Modi mentioned an assault on a shopkeeper in Congress-ruled Karnataka for reportedly playing Hanuman Chalisa.

“While speaking with you today on Hanuman Jayanti, I remembered a photo from a few days earlier. A few days ago, in Congress-ruled Karnataka, a shopkeeper was severely beaten up simply for listening to Hanuman Chalisa while sitting in his shop,” PM Modi stated.

Referring to his remark that the Congress had vowed to seize people’s hard-earned money and deliver it to Muslims, PM Modi stated that the party and the INDIA bloc were in a state of fear because he spoke the truth.

The day before yesterday, in Rajasthan, I told the truth in front of the country, and the entire Congress-INDI alliance panicked. I presented the truth that Congress is plotting to seize your property and distribute it to their special people, he stated.

The Opposition has labeled PM Modi’s remark as hate speech.

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When I exposed their politics, they became so enraged that they started attacking Modi…I’d like to know why Congress is so terrified of the truth. Why do they hide their policy so much? You made the policy, so why are you reluctant to accept it now? If you have the courage, accept it; we are prepared to face you, PM Modi said.

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