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Gourav Vallabh is who? What made him leave the Congress?

Gourav Vallabh is who? What made him leave the Congress?Gourav Vallabh is who? What made him leave the Congress?

Gourav Vallabh: The Congress spokeswoman stated, “I cannot raise anti-Sanatana slogans or abuse the country’s wealth creators.”

Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Congress leader and spokesperson Gourav Vallabh tendered his resignation from all party positions on Thursday, April 4. He joins a lengthy list of other Congress officials who have lately left the party.

In his resignation letter, Gourav Vallabh stated, “I am not comfortable with the directionless way in which the Congress party is moving forward.” I cannot raise anti-Sanatana slogans or disparage the country’s economic creators. I am resigning from all roles and primary membership in the Congress Party.”

What was written in the resignation letter of Gourav Vallabh?

In his resignation letter addressed to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Gaurav Vallabh, a finance professor, expressed his sentiments by stating, “Upon joining the Congress, I was appointed as the national spokesperson. However, in recent days, I have begun to feel uneasy about the party’s stance. Initially, I believed that the Congress, being the oldest party in the country, would appreciate the presence of young, intellectual individuals and their innovative ideas. However, over the past few years, it has become evident to me that the party’s current form is struggling to adapt to the younger generation and their fresh perspectives.”

“The grassroots connection of the party has been severed completely, rendering it unable to comprehend the aspirations of the emerging India. Consequently, the party finds itself unable to ascend to power or effectively fulfill the role of a robust opposition. This disillusionment deeply affects a worker like myself. Bridging the chasm between top leaders and grassroots workers, which is crucial in politics, has become exceedingly challenging. Without the ability for a worker to directly provide suggestions to their leader, meaningful change remains elusive.”

I am disappointed with the Congress party’s stance on the consecration of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. As a Hindu by birth and a teacher by profession, this position has consistently unsettled and troubled me. Numerous individuals linked with the party and its coalition openly criticize Sanatana Dharma and the party’s silence on the matter feels like an implicit endorsement.

“Currently, the party appears to be veering off course. While we advocate for a caste-based census, we are simultaneously observed opposing the entire Hindu community. This approach sends a misleading message to the public, portraying the party as favoring a specific religion exclusively. Such conduct contradicts the fundamental principles of the Congress.”

“Currently, the Congress party’s position on economic issues involves demeaning and disparaging the wealth creators of the nation. We have now shifted our stance away from the economic liberalization, privatization, and globalization policies, for which we were once commended by the international community for implementing in the country.”

Gourav Vallabh is who?

Gaurav Vallabh holds a position as a professor at the Xavier School of Management (XLRI) located in Jamshedpur.

In the 2023 Rajasthan Assembly elections, Gaurav Vallabh ran for office in the Udaipur constituency. Despite his endeavors, the BJP candidate, Tarachand Jain, secured a commanding victory with a significant margin of over 32,000 votes. Jain garnered 97,466 votes, whereas Vallabh trailed behind with 64,695 votes.

Before that, Vallabh began his political career in 2019 from Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur East. Even with more than 18,000 votes, he finished third, behind Saryu Roy and Raghubar Das, the then-chief minister.

Gourav Vallabh rose to prominence after confronting BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on a TV debate about the state of the Indian economy, asking if he knew how many zeros there in 5 trillion. Patra’s attempts to avoid answering the question have resulted in a large number of views for the video, which is now viral by all accounts, as well as accolades for Vallabh.

He was once again respected, even in the Congress party.

Upon joining the Congress in 2017, he was promptly appointed as a media panelist by the party’s then-communications chief, Randeep Singh Surjewala. Subsequently, he began representing the party in television debates and conducting press conferences, primarily during weekends, leading up to the Lok Sabha elections.

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In 2022, Gaurav Vallabh criticized Shashi Tharoor regarding his potential bid for AICC president, stating that Tharoor’s “sole significant contribution” to the party was sending letters to Sonia Gandhi during her hospitalization. Vallabh’s comments alluded to a letter sent by a group of 23 leaders, Tharoor included, to Sonia Gandhi in 2020, advocating for substantial reforms within the party.

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