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Donald Trump Reentry into the White House Has Kamala Harris “scared as heck”

Donald Trump Reentry into the White House Has Kamala Harris "scared as heck"Donald Trump Reentry into the White House Has Kamala Harris "scared as heck"

Donald Trump: Ms. Harris was replying to a question regarding allegations that former President Barack Obama was concerned about the Biden campaign.

US Vice President Kamala Harris said Wednesday that she is “scared as heck” that Donald Trump will win the presidency in November and urged Democrats to “fight back.” Her comments come after Trump easily won the Iowa caucuses on Monday, the first step in the Republican nomination contest to face President Joe Biden later this year. “I am scared as heck, which is why I’m traveling our country… we should all be scared,” she told The View, an all-female chat show on the ABC network. The 59-year-old Harris countered, saying, “When we’re scared, we fight back against it, not run away from it.”

In response to inquiries concerning rumors that former president Barack Obama was worried about the Biden campaign and in response to remarks made by former first lady Michelle Obama expressing her “terror” of a second Trump term, Harris answered. Recently, Biden has increased his direct criticism of Trump, stating that the twice-impeached former president—who is the subject of 91 criminal indictments—threatens to undermine US democracy.

Harris has been playing a bigger part in the president’s reelection campaign as it works to turn out Black, female, and young voters in this year’s important race. As the first female, Black, and South Asian vice president, Harris is a triple pioneer who has drawn a lot of Democratic donations. However, she has a poor support rating and is frequently attacked by Republicans who claim she is unfit to succeed Joe Biden, the 81-year-old, as president.

Harris plans to start a national tour next week to advocate for reproductive rights as Democrats want to make abortion rights a major campaign issue in 2024. Harris begins his tour on Monday in the critical swing state of Wisconsin, coinciding with the 51st anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, which gave a constitutional right to abortion. Trump has often claimed credit for the court’s decision to overrule the landmark ruling last year, after appointing a string of conservative judges to the bench during his first term.

Harris received kudos for her abortion messaging from an unexpected source: Trump’s former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. What Kamala is doing, whether right or wrong, is very powerful among young women, she told conservative Fox News.

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