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Did Chiranjeevi indirectly aim at Jagan?

Did Chiranjeevi indirectly aim at Jagan?Did Chiranjeevi indirectly aim at Jagan?

Chiranjeevi: The Telangana government held a felicitation ceremony for Padma recipients from the Telugu community in Hyderabad today to honour their achievements. The ceremony was presided by CM Revanth Reddy, Chiranjeevi, and Venkaiah Naidu.

Following the event, Chiranjeevi expressed gratitude in a tweet, thanking CM Revanth, Deputy CM Bhatti, and the Telangana government for honoring him and Venkaiah Naidu. He also appreciated the recognition of Padma awardees’ achievements. Earlier, Chiranjeevi had thanked Revanth for the prompt and considerate gesture of organizing a celebratory event to acknowledge Padma awardees, noting that Revanth is the first CM to do so with such swiftness.

In addition, Chiranjeevi stated that foul language and hurtful remarks about specific people characterize modern politics. He urged the populace to retaliate by refusing to support these cruel politicians. Social media activists for the Janasena party are debating Chiranjeevi’s tweet and stance. Chiranjeevi’s remarks are being compared to a jab at Jagan by some.

Chiranjeevi is clearly alluding to the YCP‘s abusive politics, in which a number of YCP leaders inflict personal insults on their political rivals, as numerous JSP activists have pointed out. They claim that Chiru should be taken note of for making this remark just before the AP polls. Observers are suggesting that Chiru, by highlighting that Revanth is the first CM to appreciate and congratulate artists, has indirectly conveyed a lesson to Jagan. This is in contrast to Jagan’s actions of imposing ticket price restrictions on film stars and reportedly not treating them well during their visits to Tadepalli.

Did Chiranjeevi use his words yesterday to implicitly criticize Jagan? JSP supporters say a resounding “YES” to this question.

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