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Delhi Is Calling! Are Chandrababu and PK Coming?

Delhi Is Calling! Are Chandrababu and PK Coming?Delhi Is Calling! Are Chandrababu and PK Coming?

Delhi: Led by Chandra Babu and Pawan Kalyan, the Telugu Desam Party, and Jana Sena are getting ready for their joint electoral campaign in a proactive manner. However, the BJP is undecided about allying with the TDP and JSP. However, the high command of the BJP has decided to end this wait, as the elections are closer than ever.

The most recent rumors state that Pawan Kalyan would shortly board a flight to Delhi to meet with BJP leaders and deliberate on the ultimate prospects of the TDPJSPBJP alliance in Andhra Pradesh. This is the only chance to form a triangle coalition, thus the BJP needs to move swiftly because the TDP and JSP already have a mutual understanding and the wait is solely on the BJP’s end. TDP leader Chandra Babu may take a plane to the nation’s capital to strengthen the alliance after Pawan concludes his visit to Delhi, provided that the BJP conveys encouraging signals through Pawan Kalyan.

The TDP, JSP, and BJP should have learned a lesson from the 2019 election when their divide only strengthened Jagan and led to his landslide victory. In the majority of areas, the JSP and BJP fought only with NOTA. This alliance is equally crucial to all three parties, hence the Delhi conference is critical in determining whether it will be a TDP-JSP-BJP coalition or simply a TDP-JSP alliance.

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