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Congress vs Bjp: Rahul Gandhi’s ’90 officers’ jibe versus PM Modi’s’silver spoon’ attack in Madhya Pradesh

By Nov 9, 2023
Congress vs Bjp: Rahul Gandhi’s '90 officers' jibe versus PM Modi’s'silver spoon' attack in Madhya PradeshCongress vs Bjp: Rahul Gandhi’s '90 officers' jibe versus PM Modi’s'silver spoon' attack in Madhya Pradesh

Congress vs Bjp: Speaking at a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur, Prime Minister Modi urged supporters to deny the Congress power for a minimum of 100 years.

During their Thursday campaigning in Madhya Pradesh, where elections are imminent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi attacked the respective rivals, the BJP and the Congress, with sharp criticism. Gandhi said that Modi was managing the nation with just ninety bureaucrats, while the Prime Minister claimed that Congressmen who were “born with silver spoons” were involved in “poverty tourism”.

PM Modi exhorted voters in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, to deprive the Congress of power for at least 100 years. He also claimed that the party was skilled at reversing the country’s progress.

Congress, like a vehicle, is an expert in shifting back into reverse gear and converting good governance into bad governance.

He stated that for the Congress, India begins and ends in Delhi. He claimed that Congress leaders used to take foreign friends to see poverty in slum areas” and hold photo sessions.

Previously, these Congressmen would show their international friends the poverty in India. According to him, poverty was synonymous with tourism for those Congress leaders who had it easy from birth.

At a rally in Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh, Congress veteran Gandhi asserted that Modi and ninety other officials run the Indian government.

There is a misconception that the government is run by MPs and MLAs; I have seen the government in action. Along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ninety officials run the Indian government. The Indian budget is distributed by these 90 officials, he stated.

PM Modi says that it is an OBC government and out of these 90 officials how many are OBCs? he went on to say.

He also mentioned the Prime Minister’s recent remarks about India having only one caste: the poor.

PM Modi said a few days back in his speech that there’s only one caste in India and that’s ‘poor’.He claims to be an OBC man by the name of Narendra Modi, but he also asserts that there is only one caste that qualifies as poor. I have encountered numerous young people, and when I inquired about their caste or unemployment, they would typically respond that they were Adivasi, OBC, or Dalit.”Their share in the government should be the same if there are 50% OBCs in the nation running the government, he continued.

If the Congress takes power at the center, it has pledged to conduct a nationwide caste-based survey. The Congress allegedly intended to split the country along caste lines, according to the BJP, whose government at the Center has opposed such a move.

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