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Biden will travel to India for the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

By Aug 23, 2023
Biden will travel to India for the G20 Leaders' Summit.Biden will travel to India for the G20 Leaders' Summit.

US Vice President Joe Biden will visit New Delhi for the G20 Leaders’ Summit from September 7 to 10, according to the White House.

Biden will travel to India for the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

“President Biden and G20 partners will discuss a range of joint efforts to address global issues, including on the transition to clean energy and combating climate change, mitigating the economic and social effects of Putin’s war in Ukraine, and boosting the capability of multilateral development banks.

To more effectively combat poverty, take on global issues, with the help of the World Bank, for example. In addition to praising Prime Minister Modi’s G20 leadership while in New Delhi, President Biden will reaffirm the United States’ commitment to the G20 as the leading forum for economic cooperation, including by serving as its host in 2026, according to a news release.

The G20’s members alternate holding the group’s president. South Africa will host it immediately after Brazil.

Global leaders like China’s Xi Jinping, the UK’s RIshi Sunak, France’s Emmaneul Macron, and Germany’s Olaf Scholz are all anticipated to attend the meeting. There will probably be a lot of debate about the conflict in Ukraine.

While China and Russia have objected to the mention of Ukraine at a gathering like the G20 that largely focuses on economic issues, Western nations and their allies have insisted on making it a top priority.

The climax of all G20 processes and discussions held during the year involving ministers, senior officials, and civil society will be the 18th Heads of State and Government Summit in New Delhi. The conclusion of the New Delhi summit will see the adoption of a G20 Leaders’ Declaration, which will express the commitment of the Leaders to the goals discussed and decided upon throughout the relevant ministerial and working group meetings, according to the G20 website for India.

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