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AP Politics: Why Did Alliance’s Graph Drop So Hard?

AP Politics: Why Did Alliance's Graph Drop So Hard?

AP Politics: On May 13th, Andhra Pradesh is set to witness its third electoral showdown in its relatively short history, with the major political players fully prepared for what is anticipated to be a tightly contested battle. In these circumstances, where the electoral landscape appears to be finely balanced, the party that can display the utmost dominance and deploy its electioneering skills to the fullest in the final moments will likely emerge triumphant.

While the performance of the ruling party over its five-year tenure may linger in the minds of voters, it’s the effectiveness of the electioneering efforts in the last 3-4 months that truly counts. This is precisely where Jagan Mohan Reddy outpaced the Telugu Desam in 2019, orchestrating a flawless election campaign with significant assistance from Prashant Kishor and IPAC.

As the 2024 elections approach, Jagan Mohan Reddy has once again initiated his electioneering strategy with just two months remaining until the polls. His Siddham meetings and the rallying cry of ‘one vs all’ seem to be yielding positive results for the YSR Congress party.

An emerging trend suggests that the alliance’s momentum, which surged following the announcement of the coalition between TDP, JSP, and BJP, is now experiencing a downward trajectory.

Incidents such as the BJP’s refusal to give an MP ticket to hard-fighting Raghu Rama Krishna Raju and allegedly succumbing to Jagan’s lobbying have cast doubt on the alliance’s credibility. This has created a widespread perception that the BJP is not committed to working with the alliance.

Furthermore, Modi‘s restrained speech during the Guntur meeting, wherein he refrained from directly criticizing Jagan except for a generic comment about YCP’s connection with Congress, provided an opportunity for the YCP to portray that the BJP is indirectly aligning with Jagan.

AP Politics

As per the reliable Atmasakshi Group Survey on AP polls, the YCP has secured a slight edge in the electoral projections, with estimates suggesting it may win between 93 to 106 seats, while the alliance is leading in 50 to 69 seats.

Based on this survey, the alliance, which initially showed promising prospects upon its announcement, is now experiencing a sudden decline in electoral trends just two months before the election.

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However, there is still hope. If the cadres of TDP, JSP, and BJP unite and work diligently towards the common goal of ousting the Jagan government in AP, there is ample time to alter the voters’ perception and turn the situation around.

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