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AP News: Helmets for Jagan, Naidu, and Pawan are urgently needed in AP!

AP News: Helmets for Jagan, Naidu, and Pawan are urgentlyAP News: Helmets for Jagan, Naidu, and Pawan are urgently

AP News: A concerning trend unfolding in Andhra Pradesh’s political arena is prompting the necessity for party chiefs, YS Jagan, Pawan Kalyan, and Chandrababu Naidu, to wear safety helmets. Each of these leaders has been rattled by separate incidents of stone-pelting occurring over the past two days.

Recently, CM Jagan encountered a bit of a mishap when a stone struck him, leaving him with a rather nasty injury to his eyebrow. However, with luck on his side and some timely recovery, he’s already back on track and back in action for the Memantha Siddham tour. It’s a relief to see him bounce back so swiftly!

In separate incidents last evening, both Pawan and Chandrababu found themselves in harrowing situations when miscreants hurled stones at them during their respective election campaigns. It’s alarming to see such incidents occur during what should be peaceful political engagements.

It’s possible to draw the conclusion that these prominent AP politicians could require safety helmets to stop this startling trend of stone-pelting if we look at the strange pattern that is beginning to emerge. Yesterday, Jagan was hit in the head, but fortunately, Chandrababu and Pawan were unharmed. -AP News

Some social media users are humorously suggesting that these leaders might need to start wearing helmets when stepping out in public to ensure their safety from such attacks. It’s a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the unfortunate trend of stone-pelting incidents targeting political figures.

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Opposition supporters are vehemently denouncing these incidents as a glaring failure of the state’s home department. They are calling for the immediate replacement of the current DGP and Intelligence Bureau chief to prevent any further damage. It’s a demand fueled by frustration and a desire for swift action to address the escalating security concerns.

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