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Andhra Pradesh Elections 2024: The final turnout in the AP poll is higher than in 2019

Andhra Pradesh Elections 2024: The final turnout in the AP pollandhra pradesh elections 2024

Andhra Pradesh Elections 2024: Today, the suspense surrounding the final poll turnout in Andhra Pradesh has been lifted, as the Election Commission has revealed the conclusive figures. Mukesh Kumar Meena, the EC chief, declared that an impressive 80.66% of eligible voters cast their ballots in AP.

This figure represents the turnout recorded via Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). When factoring in the additional 1.07% accounted for by postal ballots, the total climbs to 81.73%. This slight increase from the 79.8% turnout witnessed in 2019 may seem marginal, but it signifies a notable uptick in civic engagement. Indeed, compared to the previous election cycle, the 2024 turnout reflects a nearly 2% rise, a significant shift in overall participation.

TDP claims that the anti-incumbency sentiment in the AP is to blame for the increased turnout, but the ruling YSR Congress believes that the YCP’s support from rural and female voters is the real driver of this turnout. -Andhra Pradesh Elections 2024

Below is the district-by-district turnout (subject to change)

YSR district recorded a turnout of 79.40 percent, while West Godavari saw 82.70 percent and Vizianagaram 81.34 percent.

Visakhapatnam registered 71.11 percent, Kurnool 75.83 percent, Krishna 84.05 percent, Kakinada 80.05 percent, and Guntur 78.81 percent.

Tirupati had 77.82 percent, Srikakulam 76.07 percent, Sathya Sai 82.77 percent, Nellore 82.10 percent, and Brightness 87.09 percent.

Parvathipuram recorded 77.10 percent, Patnadu 85.65 percent, NTR 79.68 percent, and Nandyala 80.92 percent.

Eluru saw a turnout of 83.55 percent, East Godavari 80.94 percent, Konaseema 83.91 percent, and Chittoor 87.09 percent.

Bapatla recorded 84.98 percent, Annamaiya 76.23 percent, Anantapur 79.25 percent, Anakapalli 83.84 percent, and Alluri 70.20 percent.

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