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Andhra Cricket Captain Insulted: Political Leader PK Criticizes Jagan

Andhra Cricket Captain Insulted: Political Leader PK Criticizes JaganAndhra Cricket Captain Insulted: Political Leader PK Criticizes Jagan

Andhra Cricket Captain: The ongoing dispute among cricketers is nothing new, but the escalating public feud between Hanuma Vihari and Prudhviraj is turning into a significant controversy, particularly due to its political implications. Vihari’s resignation as captain, coupled with the flurry of accusations and counter-accusations exchanged between the two sides, quickly gained traction as headline news. Vihari directly implicated the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA), alleging that they coerced him to step down under pressure from Prudhviraj’s father, a corporator affiliated with the YSRCP in Tirupati. He lamented a loss of personal dignity and declared his decision to refrain from representing Andhra in the future. This development swiftly became a focal point of discussion across various social media platforms.

In response to the unfolding situation, Pawan Kalyan stepped forward to express his unwavering support for Hanuma Vihari. Kalyan not only highlighted Vihari’s impressive career statistics but also shared an old photograph showcasing Vihari’s determination and commitment to the sport, where he was seen batting with a broken wrist. This gesture aimed to underscore Vihari’s dedication and resilience, further emphasizing the significance of the issue at hand.

In a bold move directly targeting CM Jagan, Pawan raised questions about the allocation of crores of rupees towards the ‘Aadudam Andhra’ program while the State Cricket Board allegedly operates with political biases, disregarding the interests of players. Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy, what is the justification for pouring millions into events like ‘Aadudam Andhra’ when the State Cricket Association is accused of demeaning and disrespecting our Andhra Cricket Team Captain? Pawan questioned, expressing his sentiments on his social media platform.

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In the meantime, Pawan expressed his wish and hope that Hanuma wouldn’t have to endure similar situations in the upcoming year under the new Andhra Cricket Association (ACA), possibly hinting at the potential formation of a new government through a TDP-Jana Sena coalition in the state. Addressing Hanuma directly, Pawan conveyed, “Dear @Hanumavihari Garu, you have been a true champion player, not only for our state but also for the nation. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding contributions and for serving as an inspiration to young cricketers in Andhra. The treatment you’ve received from our state association has deeply saddened and disappointed all Telugu cricket enthusiasts, and we unequivocally stand by your side.”

Finally, I extend my best wishes to you, and I sincerely hope that you will consider playing for Andhra again next year under a State Board that values and respects players’ dignity,” concluded Pawan Kalyan in his detailed open letter. TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu also denounced Hanuma Vihari’s coerced resignation and the entire incident, labeling it as a “disgrace.”

In response to the ongoing controversy, the Andhra Cricket Body has issued a statement indicating that it has received complaints from players regarding alleged “abusive behavior” by Hanuma Vihari. The ACA has further announced the initiation of an investigation into the matter.

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