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Amrapali Awarded Key Post By Revanth

Amrapali Awarded Key Post By RevanthAmrapali Awarded Key Post By Revanth

Amrapali: It is customary for a newly elected government to rearrange the IAS and IPS officers to suit their preferences. Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is going in this direction, substituting three commissioners in the GHMC region with new officers. Revanth has now assigned Amrapali, a second highly-regarded IAS officer, to handle administrative tasks in Telangana.

Smita Sabharwal, an IAS officer and the secretary of Telangana’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, has been indirectly criticised for her presence during Seethakka’s official inauguration as minister yesterday, amid rumors that she may be assigned to central duties. Nevertheless, Telugu-born IAS officer Amrapali will take Smita’s place.

Amrapali Awarded Key Post By Revanth

Revanth Reddy immediately appointed Amrapali as a joint commissioner of HMDA. The position of development in-charge for Musi River was subsequently added to her responsibilities. She worked in the Prime Minister’s Office as a joint secretary before being assigned to the Telangana government.

As one extremely important female IAS officer, Smita, exits the Telangana CMO, another extremely important officer, She, enters the CMO. Given that She was born in the Ongole district, it is known that she has Telugu ties. She will now play a crucial role in the administration of Telangana.

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