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Vanga Geetha declares abruptly that she is an admirer of Chiru!

Vanga Geetha declares abruptly that she is an admirer of Chiru!Vanga Geetha declares abruptly that she is an admirer of Chiru!

Vanga Geetha: The recent interview of Kakinada MP Vanga Geetha sparked speculation about her potential shift in allegiance to the Jana Sena party, led by Chiranjeevi’s brother, Pawan Kalyan. Geetha’s sudden mention of the renowned actor Chiranjeevi, whom she greatly admires, in the interview raised eyebrows and fueled rumors about her joining Jana Sena.

Currently contesting as the YCP MLA candidate against Pawan Kalyan in Pithapuram, Geetha’s unexpected mention of her admiration for Chiranjeevi has led to speculation about her future political affiliations. There’s a buzz suggesting that she might switch loyalties to Jana Sena, and her interview revelation adds weight to these rumors.

The sudden discussion of her fandom for Chiranjeevi in the interview has stirred curiosity and intrigue about Geetha’s potential political moves. Whether she will indeed join Jana Sena remains to be seen, but her interview has certainly ignited speculation about her intentions.

Speculation had been rife that Geetha might align herself with Jana Sena even before the polling, fueled by her apparent fear of defeat.

The buzz surrounding potential shifts in loyalty extends beyond Geetha alone. It’s rumored that several YCP candidates and leaders are considering switching allegiances to other parties following the June 4 election results.

Despite YCP leader and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy ‘s confident assertion that his party would secure more than 151 seats this time, there appears to be a sense of unease among party members.

This suggests that Jagan’s statements are not resonating as strongly at the grassroots level, as the reality on the ground differs significantly from the narrative being promoted by the YCP in various constituencies.

YCP leaders are banking on winning this election as well, aiming to significantly weaken opposition parties.

Meanwhile, the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance is confident in their prospects, anticipating victory with over 120 seats.

If the YCP fails to secure power, it may quickly lose its influence, with leaders defecting to other parties.

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It’s possible that Geetha lacks confidence in her chances of victory and is therefore eager to secure a safer position. Let’s wait until June 4 for any new developments in the political landscape.

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