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The Pune Porsche crash is being investigated by a crime branch, and the father of the teenage driver has been arrested

The Pune Porsche crash is being investigated by a crime branch

Pune Porsche crash: In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Pune Police have taken into custody the father of a 17-year-old kid who was engaged in an automobile accident that claimed the lives of two persons. Early on Sunday morning, in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar neighborhood, an accident occurred. Police sources state that the 17-year-old was driving a fancy Porsche when it struck a motorcycle, instantly killing Ashwini Costa and Anis Awadhiya. The automobile was seen speeding in a small lane at an estimated 200 kmph when the collision was recorded on CCTV.

The Pune Police’s crime branch has now taken up the matter. Pune police have prosecuted the boy’s father under sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act and are awaiting a decision from the sessions court. These sections deal with giving intoxicating substances to a juvenile and deliberate neglect of a child, respectively. -Pune Porsche crash

The young man was celebrating his class 12 results at a nearby pub when he was observed consuming alcohol prior to the event, according to Pune Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar. In Maharashtra, the legal drinking age is 25, therefore serving him would be unlawful. As a result, the bar owners are facing accusations of supplying alcohol to minors.

The public has been extremely outraged by the occurrence ever since, especially after the Juvenile Justice Board decided to grant the youngster bail only fifteen hours after he was arrested. In addition, a number of rehabilitative requirements were imposed by the board, such as 300 words on road safety, an addiction program, and required counseling. Given how serious the tragedy was, this lax approach has drawn a lot of criticism.

Pune police have petitioned the sessions court to try the minor as an adult in reaction to the bail ruling. This action is based on the conviction that the seriousness of the offense calls for more stringent judicial review. “We have not forgotten what happened yesterday. Since it was a horrible crime, we have taken action under section 304 of the IPC, which is not subject to bail,” Commissioner Kumar stated.

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Furthermore, authorities have taken legal proceedings against the tavern where the kid was witnessed drinking. The owners face criminal charges for their role in providing alcohol to the juvenile kid, which contributed to the sad events that occurred.

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