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Telangana Election Results: Telangana has seen a rise in BJP seats and votes. This is the cause: Chief Minister Revanth Reddy

Telangana Election Results: Telangana has seen a rise in BJPTelangana Election Results

Telangana Election Results: CM Revanth Reddy expressed contentment regarding the outcomes of the Telangana Parliament election, interpreting them as indicative of the public’s assessment of the Congress party’s 100-day rule. He noted a notable increase in the party’s vote share, rising from 38 percent in the Assembly elections to 42 percent in the Parliament elections. Furthermore, he highlighted the party’s enhanced performance, securing 8 seats compared to the 3 seats won in the 2019 elections. Reddy emphasized that despite losing in 8 constituencies, the party garnered significant support. He attributed the improved performance to the efficacy of their administration, considering the rise in vote percentage and seat count as a sign of public endorsement and blessings.

Revanth Reddy emphasized that their success extended beyond securing the majority of 64 seats in the 119 assembly elections, highlighting the victory of their party’s candidate in the Secunderabad cantonment by-election. He expressed concern that joining the seat would escalate his conflict with the assembly. He underscored that the people’s support was evident through this triumph. Revanth Reddy extended gratitude to the MLAs, leaders, and key activists for their role in achieving such success during his tenure as PCC president and CM. -Telangana Election Results

Revanth Reddy acknowledged the significant increase in seats and votes for the BJP, noting their rise from 4 to 8 seats and an increase in vote percentage from 20 to 35 percent. He attributed this success not to their leadership but to the sacrifice and efforts of BRS leaders who worked tirelessly for the victory of BJP candidates. He pointed out that despite this support, BRS candidates failed to retain their deposits in 7 out of the 8 seats won by the BJP. He highlighted that only one Medak constituency saw a BRS candidate retaining their deposit.

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Revanth Reddy alleged that the BRS party struck a covert deal with BJP leaders to undermine their party’s candidates, accusing them of orchestrating a substantial transfer of votes. He highlighted the significant surge in BJP’s vote share, from 13 percent in the previous assembly elections to 35 percent in the Parliament elections. Additionally, he pointed out that while the BRS party secured 35 percent of votes in the assembly elections, it now ranks significantly lower at 16th place. BRS chief KCR proclaimed BJP’s victory as a landslide, suggesting that KCR’s own triumph was facilitated by his generous organ donation to the BJP.

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