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Tadepalli YCP Office: Chandrababu’s game has started with bulldozers attacking the YCP central party office

Tadepalli YCP Office Chandrababu's game has started with bulldozTadepalli YCP Office

Tadepalli YCP Office: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu started the game. The coalition government has already focused on the works undertaken during the rule of the YCP government and the former CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. In this order, the government found that the central office of YSR Congress which is being constructed in Tadepalli is also being constructed illegally. As a result, the Chandrababu Sarkar raided the under-construction YCP office with JCBs early today. Currently, the demolition of the YCP party office is going on.

The officers of CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority) reached the central office of YCP under construction at Tadepalli in the early hours of Saturday morning. They are demolishing the under-construction office with bulldozers and procleaners. This caused tension in Tadepalli.

YSRCP is taking up the construction of the party’s central office on a two-acre plot in Tadepalli. However, the YCP lost power after suffering a crushing defeat in the recent assembly elections. This cast a shadow over the central office of Tadepalli. Chandrababu government has been demolishing this office recently.


CRDA focused on the YCP central office being constructed at Tadepalli on the orders of the coalition government. In this order, it was concluded that this office is being constructed illegally in violation of regulations. With this, orders were issued to demolish this office… It was announced that arrangements are being made for this. With this yesterday (Friday) YCP approached the High Court… They asked the court not to demolish the office.

While this matter was under the jurisdiction of the court, the government went ahead. As planned, the officials have taken up the demolition of the YCP office. The CRDA officials reached the YCP central office in Tadepalli early in the morning and demolished the structure which was at the slab stage after the pillars were completed.

YS Jagan

Former CM and party leader YS Jagan reacted to the demolition of the YCP office. Chandrababu has taken his Daman scandal to another level by resorting to political party activities in Andhra Pradesh. Bulldozers bulldozed the nearly completed @YSRCParty central office in Tadepalli like a dictator. They expressed concern saying that the orders of the High Court were ignored.

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“Law and justice have completely disappeared in the state. Through this incident, Chandrababu, who is bleeding blood as a result of the violent incidents after the elections, has sent a harsh message about the nature of the dictatorship that would govern for the next five years. @YSRCParty is not bowing down to these threats and acts of harassment. For the people, alongside the people, and on their behalf, we shall fight valiantly. I request all the democrats of the country to condemn the misdeeds of Chandrababu, Jagan tweeted on X platform.

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