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Swati Maliwal stormed into Arvind Kejriwal’s house and abused me: Bibhav Kumar

Swati Maliwal stormed into Arvind Kejriwal's house and abused meSwati Maliwal stormed into Arvind Kejriwal's house and abused me

Swati Maliwal: In his counter-complaint, Bibhav Kumar, an aide to Arvind Kejriwal, stated that Swati Maliwal attempted to cause a disturbance and attack him when she forcibly and unauthorisedly entered the Delhi Chief Minister’s residence.

In short

  • Bibhav Kumar asserts Swati Maliwal verbally assaulted him.
  • Maliwal allegedly threatened to falsely implicate her in a case.
  • He has sent his complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North).

Arvind Kejriwal’s aide, Bibhav Kumar, has lodged a counter-complaint in the alleged assault case involving Swati Maliwal. He asserts that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP is trying to implicate him to create undue pressure falsely. Kumar claims that the former chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women attempted to create a ruckus and assault him by forcefully and unauthorisedly entering the Delhi Chief Minister’s residence on May 13.

In the complaint filed on Friday, Bibhav Kumar alleged that after Maliwal forcefully and illegally trespassed into the premises and entered Kejriwal’s residence without authorization, she verbally abused him, saying, “How dare you stop an MP? What is your status?

She was cited as threatening the assistant even more., stating, I will make sure to frame you in such a false case that you’ll spend your entire life behind bars.

A copy of Kumar’s complaint was given to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North).

Maliwal said in a tweet earlier on Friday that the AAP had made a “U-turn” two days after acknowledging that Bibhav Kumar had misbehaved with her.

A worker who has been with the party for 20 years was labeled an agent of the BJP yesterday by the leaders who recently joined the AAP. The party made a U-turn today after accepting the truth in a news conference two days ago, she stated.

The most recent developments are as follows:

In his complaint, Bibhav Kumar stated that on May 13, when Swati Maliwal arrived at Kejriwal’s residence around 8:40 am, the security officer asked her to identify herself. She claimed to be a Rajya Sabha MP. However, she was requested to wait until her appointment details could be verified. “After verification, the security officer informed her that there was no appointment on record, and thus, he couldn’t permit her entry.”

Despite objections by the security, Maliwal forcefully entered the Chief Minister’s residence. “Not only did she falsely claim to have an appointment to gain entry, but she also trespassed into the premises forcefully and illegally,” stated the complaint.

As per the complaint, Maliwal was subsequently directed to wait in the waiting area situated within the Chief Minister’s Residence campus, separate from the main building where Arvind Kejriwal resides. However, she began verbally abusing and shouting at the staff, insisting they confirm her appointment with the AAP supremo.

She leaves the waiting area around twenty minutes later, at nine in the morning, and storms inside Kejriwal’s main house. After learning about Maliwal’s conduct, Bibhav Kumar arrived at the main building at 9.22 am and discovered Maliwal seated in the drawing room.

According to the complaint, when Bibhav Kumar politely asked her to adhere to the proper procedure for meeting Kejriwal, she started screaming and verbally abusing him. Despite Kumar’s repeated requests for her to follow the procedure, Maliwal ignored him and threatened him with severe consequences if he didn’t allow her to meet the Chief Minister.

The complaint stated that Swati Maliwal began walking from the drawing room towards the inner part of the residence. Bibhav Kumar apprehended that her intentions were suspicious and that she might harm Kejriwal. To prevent her from advancing, he positioned himself in front of Maliwal. She then pushed him aside and proceeded to sit on the sofa, where she dialed the Police Control Room number. Maliwal began making blatantly false accusations against Kumar.

Bibhav Kumar once more urged Maliwal to depart from the premises, but she persisted in verbally abusing him and attempted to push him. While threatening Kumar with false accusations, he summoned the security staff. Maliwal proceeded to scream and abuse the staff before eventually departing from the Chief Minister’s residence around 9:35 am, as detailed in the complaint.

Requesting the police to take decisive legal action, Bibhav Kumar also accused that “these actions might have been orchestrated by the BJP” given the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. He thus urged an investigation into Maliwal’s call records, chats, and interactions with BJP leaders.

At approximately 4:40 pm on Friday, a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) investigated the Chief Minister’s residence. Delhi Police officers were present during the probe. The FSL team departed from the premises at 5:15 pm but returned with heavy equipment approximately an hour later.

At 6:23 pm, a team of Delhi Police arrived at the Chief Minister’s residence with Swati Maliwal. She departed approximately 40 minutes after the investigation.

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After investigation and videography of the premises, a Delhi Police team departed Arvind Kejriwal’s residence early on Saturday morning.

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