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Rajkot Game Zone: How the fire that killed 27 people at Rajkot’s Game Zone began is shown in a new video

Rajkot Game Zone: How the fire that killed 27 people at Rajkot'sGaming Zone in Rajkot

Rajkot Game Zone: The exact moment the fire started during welding operations has been revealed in a recently discovered video of the catastrophic fire disaster that occurred in Rajkot, Gujarat, last week. This information is vital in understanding the incident, which claimed the lives of 27 people, including four children, at the TRP Game Zone.

PTI shared a video of a big fire breaking out in a gaming zone, which was fed by highly inflammable materials. Several people were seen attempting to remove combustible items from the vicinity.

The site was filled with highly flammable items like fuel, tires, fiberglass shades, and partitions made of thermocol sheets. This created an extremely combustible environment.

The police observed that the gaming zone lacked the necessary fire safety clearance from the city’s municipal corporation at the time of the incident. Additionally, they mentioned that although the game zone did have fire safety equipment, the measures taken to control the fire were inadequate.

Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava informed reporters that the local police had issued a booking license to the gaming zone in November 2023, which was subsequently renewed for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2024.

The game zone had obtained permission from the roads and buildings department. Additionally, it had submitted proof of fire safety equipment to obtain the fire NOC, which was still under process and had not yet been completed,” he stated.

The owner, partner, and manager of the TRP game zone in Rajkot have been arrested on charges of culpable homicide.

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According to the FIR, Rajkot taluka police have filed charges against six individuals for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. These include Dhaval Thakkar, proprietor of Dhaval Corporation, and partners of Raceway Enterprise: Ashoksinh Jadeja, Kiritsinh Jadeja, Prakash Chand Hiran, Yuvrajsinh Solanki, and Rahul Rathod.

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