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Rafah: Benjamin Netanyahu Admits Israel’s Tragic Mistake as Rafah Strike Kills 45 Palestinians

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Rafah: Benjamin Netanyahu Admits Israel's Tragic Mistake

Rafah: At least 45 Palestinians were killed in an airstrike in the southern Gaza city of Rafah on Monday, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that his country had made a “tragic mistake.” A camp for displaced Palestinians has caught fire as a result of the Israeli bombardment, according to local officials cited by the news agency AP.

The Israeli strike, which occurred following Hamas’ attack on Tel Aviv on Sunday, adds to Israel’s growing worldwide criticism over its battle with Hamas, with even the country’s closest allies expressing horror over the deaths of the displaced people.

Even with scrutiny from the world’s highest tribunals, Israel continues to emphasize its adherence to international law. Israel was recently ordered to stop its offensive in Rafah.

Before this, the Israeli military claimed to have killed two top militants during an airstrike on a Hamas complex using “precise ammunition and based on precise intelligence.”

Following the strike that ignited a fire in the Hamas stronghold, the military announced that it was investigating civilian deaths.

Last night there was a tragic mistake, Netanyahu says of Israeli strikes in Rafah

Speaking to the Israeli parliament on Monday, Netanyahu stated, “Last night there was a tragic mistake, despite our utmost efforts not to harm innocent civilians.” As per our protocol, we are looking into the situation and will come to a conclusion, he continued.

According to a BBC report, he stated that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) made its best efforts not to harm those uninvolved in the battle and promised to continue battling Hamas.

The Gaza Health Ministry stated that this hit, which seems to be among the bloodiest in the war, raised the total number of Palestinian deaths in the conflict to over 36,000, as stated in the AP article. The Gaza Health Ministry counts all civilians without making a distinction between combatants and noncombatants.

When rescuers removed the victims who were in intolerable condition, Mohammed Abuassa hurried to the scene in the northwest neighborhood of Tel al-Sultan in Rafah.

We extracted kids who were in pieces. Both young and old were hauled out. According to the AP, he said, The fire in the camp was unbelievable.

At least 45 individuals were killed in the most recent Israeli strike, including 12 women, 8 children, and 3 elderly persons, according to the Gaza Health Ministry and the Palestinian Red Crescent rescue organization. It was discovered that three more bodies had been severely burnt.

In the meantime, the Egyptian military reported that one of its men was killed in a gunfight in Rafah. Following this, both the Egyptian and Israeli authorities declared they were conducting investigations, and Israel declared it was in communication with them.

The southernmost city of Gaza, Rafah, which borders Egypt, has been declared a refuge for those who have been displaced from the northern portion of Gaza due to Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas, which started in October of last year.

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Hundreds of thousands are crammed into dismal tent camps throughout the city.

Netanyahu claims Israel must annihilate Hamas‘ last remaining battalions in Rafah. The extremist organization launched a salvo of rockets from the city Sunday toward densely populated central Israel, triggering air raid sirens but suffering no fatalities.

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