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Politics: Thought Sharmila Won Against Jagan, But Lost The Battle?

Politics Thought Sharmila Won Against Jagan, But Lost The Battle

Politics: There is an old saying that winning the war as a whole is far more essential than winning a single weapons combat. AP Congress President YS Sharmila appears to have fully implemented this approach, as she lost the battle in the Kadapa Lok Sabha segment but won the war by playing a key role in dethroning Jagan.

When questioned about her loss in the Kadapa Lok Sabha segment, Sharmila responded lightheartedly, remarking that she simply hadn’t had sufficient time to craft a winning strategy there. Her demeanor suggested she wasn’t overly concerned about her defeat in Kadapa; instead, she appeared content that her efforts had contributed to the ousting of her brother Jagan from power.

YS Sharmila likened the YSR Congress to a “Pilla Kaluva,” predicting that it would eventually return to join the ocean, hinting at Congress. She asserted that Jagan had been decisively rejected by the people of Andhra Pradesh, describing the election outcome as a resounding “Anti-Jagan” wave sweeping across the state.


One may even claim that Sharmila caused the YSR Congress some serious harm in the Kadapa region. The fact that YCP, which in 2019 won 10/10 MLA seats in the former Kadapa segment, was only able to secure 3/10 is a sign of the same. YCP had no idea in their wildest thoughts that they would lose the Kadapa bastion. Although the Kutami’s complete dominance is the primary cause of the sweep, Sharmila may have had a minor influence as well. -Politics

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Sharmila’s criticisms of Jagan created a public perception that if he couldn’t handle his family relationships, how could he manage the needs of the people of AP? The Vivekananda Reddy murder likely also influenced public opinion. Overall, Sharmila seems to have done everything possible to damage Jagan’s reputation, and she appears satisfied with the results.

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