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Politics: Not Much Use for AP in New Ministries

Politics Not Much Use for AP in New Ministries

Politics: The unveiling of cabinet portfolios by the new coalition government, led by NDA and its allies following Narendra Modi and his Council of Ministers taking oath, brought significant disappointment to the people of Andhra Pradesh. Despite three MPs from AP making it into Modi’s cabinet this time, none of them received ministries with the potential to contribute significantly to the state’s development.

Ram Mohan Naidu

Previously held by seasoned TDP veteran Ashok Gajapati Raju from 2014 to 2018, the Civil Aviation Ministry has been allocated to Srikakulam MP Ram Mohan Naidu, the youngest minister in the national government. With a young and dynamic MP like Ram Mohan Naidu being chosen for a cabinet position, many anticipated that he might receive a significant portfolio beneficial for the state’s development. However, the selection came as a disappointment when it was announced that he would head the Civil Aviation Ministry, which has limited impact on the state since most airports are already privatized. -Politics

Pemmasani Chandrasekhar

Another MP, Pemmasani Chandrasekhar, an NRI who won from the Guntur parliamentary constituency, has been appointed as Minister of State for Rural Development. While this portfolio holds significant importance, Chandrasekhar’s role is limited as he will need to assist Cabinet Minister Shivaraj Singh Chauhan and won’t have independent decision-making authority.

Apart from the two TDP MPs, the Modi government welcomed BJP MP Srinivas Varma, elected from the Narsapuram constituency, into the cabinet as Minister of State for Heavy Industry and Steel. With the privatization of the Vizag steel plant already decided by the central government, Varma might not play a significant role in this matter as it was the central government’s decision. Being a BJP MP, Varma is unlikely to exert pressure on the cabinet minister to reverse the decision.

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Overall, there are no significant portfolios for AP Ministers. With the TDP-JSP combine emerging as the biggest ally for the NDA government with 18 MPs, many anticipated that these parties would receive considerable preference in Modi 3.0’s cabinet. At one point, there was widespread speculation in the national media that Naidu was demanding more than 6 ministries and even the Speaker post. However, the final announcement of portfolios failed to satisfy the people of Andhra Pradesh.

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