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Politics: Latest calculations on the victory in AP.These are the seats that will be won by YCP and TDP

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Politics: Latest calculations on the victory in AP.These

Politics: Elections in AP ended peacefully. While the elections were held on the 13th of this month, the results were released on the 4th of next month. Both parties are also confident about the victory. This time the voting percentage increased as people showed interest in exercising their right to vote in their villages. Around 81 percent of voting took place in AP. All the people of the state are eagerly waiting for the results to be released on June 4.

Confidence in winning is being expressed by the leaders of both parties. They will win majority seats, according to the alliance’s leaders. 115 to 140 seats are within reach for the alliance parties TDP, Janasena, and BJP. YCP is projected to secure 25 to 30 seats in Rayalaseema and hopes to secure an additional 20 seats, in comparison to the other coalition parties.

Due to the alliance with the Janasena in Coastal Andhra, alliance leaders are calculating that TDP and BJP will unilaterally clean sweep many districts. The leaders of the alliance parties have made predictions that they will get the majority of seats required for the magic figure in Coastal Andhra. On the other hand, while the ruling YCP is saying that it will win more than 150 seats, the YCP leaders are predicting that the party candidates will win at least 120 seats. In the last election, YCP won 49 seats in Rayalaseema. -Politics

They are predicting that they will win at least 35 to 40 seats this time. Even if they get nominal seats in every district in Coastal Andhra, they are confident that they will get 40 to 50 seats in 9 joint districts.

In this sense, they are confident of their victory and are focusing on the formation of the administration. And we’ll have to see who’s expectations are met when the results are published on June 4.

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