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Politics: AP CM To Be Determined on June 4 by 2:00 PM?

Politics: AP CM To Be Determined on June 4 by 2:00 PM?

Politics: It’s an intense anticipation as Andhra Pradesh awaits the revelation of its next chief minister. Will Jagan Mohan Reddy retain his position for a second term, or will Chandrababu Naidu stage a comeback? The answer is poised to be unveiled by 2 PM on June 4th, sparking both excitement and speculation across the state. As the clock ticks down, the political landscape braces for the outcome that will shape the future course of governance in Andhra Pradesh.

Mukesh Kumar Meena, the AP Election Officer, declared that the counting of votes in 111 constituencies would be concluded by 2 p.m. These 111 constituencies will be counted using electronic voting machines 20 times.

As the clock ticks toward 2 PM, all eyes are fixed on the culmination of the electoral battle across 111 constituencies, heralding the emergence of a clear frontrunner in the race to form the government. The party that surges ahead in this initial sprint holds the advantage, positioning itself closer to the coveted threshold of 88 seats required for a majority. With each constituency tallying up, the unfolding scenario offers a glimpse into the prospective ruling party, setting the stage for a pivotal juncture in Andhra Pradesh‘s political landscape. -Politics

Another 61 constituencies will have their votes counted by 4 p.m. There are 21-24 rounds of counting in these constituencies. The remaining three constituencies have more than 25 rounds of counting, which could take considerably longer.

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The CEO stated that the full results of the AP polls would be released around 8 or 9 p.m. on June 4.

The count will begin at 8 a.m., with postal ballots to be counted first.

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