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PM Modi: It has been 50 years since in the nation was placed under emergency. The shocking remarks made by Prime Minister Modi

PM Modi It has been 50 years since in the nation was placed

PM Modi: The 18th Lok Sabha session has commenced seriously. The house is new, but it has new heat. PM Modi bounced before the opposition launched its dharna. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the country’s declaration of emergency, and the opposition faced criticism for bringing up the subject. It will be 50 years tomorrow, according to Prime Minister Modi, since the emergency that tore up the constitution and made the nation into a prison.

According to Prime Minister Modi, the nation’s citizens would make it their mission to ensure that the error of the past 50 years is never made again. The people want policies, not slogans, Prime Minister Modi told them, and the opposition should respond accordingly. In the third term, they promised to work three times as hard. For the benefit of the populace, the members were urged to make use of this chance. Prime Minister Modi requested that efforts be made by the goals of the general public. The opposition, meanwhile, demonstrated against Prime Minister Modi’s statements. The India Alliance demonstrated against the actions of the Center while brandishing copies of the constitution.

Before attending parliament, opposition parties staged separate and joint protests, criticizing the Modi government for its alleged rewriting of the constitution. Members of the India Alliance MPs protested by carrying copies of the constitution.

Rahul Gandhi

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Modi and Union Minister Amit Shah for their assaults on the Constitution, describing these actions as unacceptable. He asserted that no authority should tamper with the country’s Constitution. Senior Congress leader and MP Mallikarjuna Kharge protested against Modi’s anticipated remarks on the Emergency, expressing anger over what he termed an undeclared emergency imposed by Modi. Kharge emphasized that the public stands behind their efforts to safeguard the Constitution.

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The swearing-in of Lok Sabha members is currently underway in Parliament. The ceremony commenced with Prime Minister Modi taking his oath, followed by other Union Ministers. Ministers from Telugu-speaking states took their oaths in Telugu. Among those who took oath as MPs were Union Ministers Kishan Reddy, Rammohan Naidu, Pemmasani Chandrasekhar, Bandi Sanjay, and Bhupathiraju Srinivasa Verma. A total of 280 MPs are scheduled to take oath on the first day. While MPs from Andhra Pradesh are taking their oaths in the Lok Sabha today, MPs from Telangana will do so tomorrow.

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