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Pawan Kalyan: A Trailblazer in Governance, Not a Trend Follower. Pawan Kalyan’s Unique Impact!

Pawan Kalyan A Trailblazer in Governance, Not a Trend FollowerPawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan: Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan is working to establish the Jana Sena’s distinct mark among the people. To gather public suggestions and advice on various departments, a QR code has been released. Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan is inviting feedback through a Google form. Anyone interested in providing suggestions regarding panchayat raj, rural development, rural water supply, environment, forest department, science and technology, civil supplies, tourism, or cinematography can do so by filling out the Google form via the QR code.

Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan is making his mark in governance as Deputy Chief Minister. He has taken charge of the Ministries of Panchayat Raj, Rural Development, Rural Water Supply, Forest, Environment, and Science and Technology in Chandrababu’s cabinet. Alongside him, two other Janasena Party MLAs have also secured ministerial positions: Nadendla Manohar as Minister of Civil Supplies, and Kandula Durgesh as Minister of Cinematography and Tourism.

Since taking charge as Deputy CM, Pawan Kalyan has been driving officials with continuous reviews and organizing Janata Darbars to address public issues. At the Jana Sena office, he actively listens to the grievances of the people and works towards resolving them. When necessary, the Janasena chief personally calls the authorities to issue orders. Recently, Pawan Kalyan made another significant decision in this regard.


Janasena has developed technology-driven plans to manage governance effectively. They have released a statement inviting the public to provide suggestions and advice on the departments assigned to their ministers by scanning a QR code. This announcement was made through the official social media platform, X. Janasena also mentioned that the Google form for submitting suggestions can be accessed by scanning the QR code or through a provided link, both of which were shared in a tweet on X.

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The Janasena party’s announcement is receiving positive feedback from netizens, who are suggesting the inclusion of additional elements.

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