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Naveen Patnaik: You triumph over me Congratulations!

Naveen Patnaik You triumph over me Congratulations!Naveen Patnaik

Naveen Patnaik: In today’s political landscape, Naveen Patnaik is a calm and experienced politician. His calm demeanor and seasoned approach to governance have earned him respect and admiration across the political spectrum.

He ran in the most recent Assembly elections from Hinjali in the Ganjam district and Kantabanji in the Bolangir district. With a vote differential of 16,344 in Kantabanji, he lost.

He came to the Assembly to take his oath as MLA after being elected from Hinjali. Following that, he met with other MLAs and engaged in amicable chat with them. During this, BJP MLA Lakshman Bagh up and greeted him. He then introduced himself.

Naveen responded: Oh. Are you the one who defeated me? My congratulations to you.

Naveen’s comments stunned the onlookers. His complacency and sportsmanship impressed Chief Minister Mohan Majhi, his Cabinet, and the other MLAs present.

Even netizens praised Naveen Patnaik for having the courage to accept defeat while also appreciating his opponent’s triumph, although he had been the Chief Minister for 24 years.

From March 5, 2000, till June 12, 2024, Naveen Patnaik served as the Chief Minister of Odisha.

Naveen Patnaik, the son of former chief minister Biju Patnaik, is three years younger than former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Sanjay Gandhi, the brother of Rajiv Gandhi, and classmate of Naveen. Despite his long absence from politics, he entered the political field following the passing of his father in 1997.

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He established Biju Janata Dal in the same year and has led the state’s governance ever since.

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