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Naveen Patnaik Ends the BJP Discussion About His Hands with Won’t Work

Naveen Patnaik Ends the BJP Discussion About His Hands with

Naveen Patnaik: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has replied to BJP criticism regarding his shaky hands and close aide VK Pandian’s efforts to conceal them from public view with his customary composure.

During a rally and simultaneous Lok Sabha elections in the state, the 77-year-old said, The BJP, which is known for making non-issues an issue, is considering my hand. It won’t work for sure. The BJP is keeping a close eye on his health.

While giving a speech, Mr. Patnaik’s trembling hands were visible, and Mr. Pandian was seen on camera attempting to conceal them.

The first to speak out was the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, who suggested that Mr. Pandian was attempting to seize control of the state.

Mr. Sarma shared the video on X, previously known as Twitter, along with a detailed caption.

This video is profoundly distressing. Shri VK Pandian ji is even dictating the hand movements of Shri Naveen Babu. It’s chilling to contemplate the extent of influence a retired former bureaucrat from Tamil Nadu currently wields over the future of Odisha! The BJP is resolute in returning the governance of Odisha to its rightful owners, the people of the state, the caption expressed.

Last week, Union Home Minister and BJP’s chief strategist, Amit Shah, drew attention to the health of the five-time Chief Minister.

Naveen Patnaik

He claimed that Mr. Patnaik’s advanced age and health issues should force him to retire. If voted to power, the BJP, he continued, would install a younger son of the soil in his place.

Mr. Patnaik gave a sharp reply. The BJP is only capable of telling so many lies. He told news agency ANI, As you can see, I am in very good health, and I have been campaigning all over the state for about a month.

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The fact that Mr. Shah attacked Mr. Pandian made it clear that he is a BJP thorn in the side. Without naming the former bureaucrat turned politician, Mr. Shah attacked him, claiming that Tamil Babu is in charge in Odisha and that voters will support the BJP to end Babu raj in the region.

Mr. Pandian recently provided a list of the nine self-goals that the BJP holds, claiming that doing so will guarantee the state remains under the control of the ruling Biju Janata Dal.

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