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Narendra Modi in Bihar: According to the PM, Nalanda is an identity and an honor

Narendra Modi in Bihar According to the PM, Nalanda is an identity

Narendra Modi in Bihar: On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Nalanda University’s new campus in Rajgir, Bihar. The new campus is near the old ruins of Nalanda University, which was founded by the Nalanda University Act of 2010. This Act was passed in response to a decision taken at the Philippines’ second East Asia Summit in 2007.

Ancient History of Nalanda University

Nalanda University, founded in the fifth century, was a prestigious university that attracted students from all over the world. It flourished for 800 years before being destroyed in the 12th century.

What programs does modern Nalanda University offer?

In 2014, the contemporary university commenced operations with 14 students in a temporary facility. Construction of the new campus began in 2017.

The School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy & Comparative Religions, the School of Historical Studies, the School of Ecology and Environmental Studies, and the School of Sustainable Development and Management are the current six schools housed within the institution.

International students are concentrated in Nalanda University.

17 other nations have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) endorsing Nalanda University. These nations include Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, and Thailand. International students can apply for 137 scholarships offered by the university.

International students from Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, the USA, and Zimbabwe are enrolled in the PhD program for 2023–2027 and the postgraduate programs for 2022–2024 and 2023–2025.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar departed Patna for Nalanda, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to open the university’s new campus in Rajgir later today.

Today is a very special day for our education sector, stated Prime Minister Modi in an X post. The new Nalanda University campus in Rajgir will open today at around 10:30 AM. Nalanda is closely linked to our illustrious past. Without a doubt, this university will make a significant contribution to meeting young educational demands.

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Self-sustaining, the new campus of Nalanda University is a Net Zero green campus. It has 100 acres of water bodies, solar plants, drinking and domestic water treatment plants, a water recycling plant for recycling wastewater, and many other environmentally friendly amenities.

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