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Nara Lokesh took the MLA oath

Nara Lokesh took the MLA oathNara Lokesh

Nara Lokesh, a Telugu Desam Party scion, appeared in the assembly for the first time today after winning Mangalagiri with a record majority. He dispelled all doubts and broke every finger pointed at him following his defeat in the 2019 election.

Following the same Mangalagiri’s defeat in 2019, the YSR Congress painted Lokesh as an incompetent leader incapable of guiding the TDP. The YCP network disseminated false information about Lokesh’s capacity for leadership.

Lokesh was unperturbed by this. He quietly focused on his prospects in Mangalagiri, collaborating with the TDP cadres over five years. His efforts were dedicated not only to strengthening and empowering the TDP cadres in Mangalagiri but also across Andhra Pradesh.

In Mangalagiri, Lokesh’s groundwork, including interactions with locals, philanthropic efforts, and development and correctional projects funded from his pocket, resonated deeply with the community. Consequently, the voters of Mangalagiri overwhelmingly supported Nara Lokesh.

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Lokesh has therefore won Mangalagiri with a historic 91K+ majority. Lokesh made it feasible for the TDP to win this seat this time around, as it had not been won in the previous 20 years. Today, he entered the assembly to say, “Nara Lokesh Ane Nenu,” after accomplishing this enormous feat.

After a five-year battle that tried Lokesh’s fortitude and perseverance, he succeeded in winning Mangalagiri and has now entered the assembly through hard effort. Starting today, the assembly will witness the beginning of a new chapter in Lokesh’s story.

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