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Nara Bhuvaneswari earned 579 crore in just 5 days!

Nara Bhuvaneswari earned 579 crore in just 5 days!

Nara Bhuvaneswari: The euphoric triumph of the TDP-Janasena alliance has sparked celebrations among supporters across the state. The venue for Chandrababu Naidu’s oath ceremony has been confirmed at Kesarapalli IT Park, a significant moment awaited by many. Beyond the state borders, the TDP is poised to play a pivotal role in the NDA alliance. Chandrababu Naidu has been actively negotiating for key portfolios in the central cabinet, signaling a significant influence at the national level. With this victory, the TDP’s influence is set to extend far beyond regional politics, shaping the direction of national policies and governance.

Following Chandrababu Naidu‘s electoral success, Heritage Foods, the company he founded and owned by Nara Bhuvaneswari, has witnessed a remarkable surge in its share price. In the past five days alone, Heritage Foods Limited shares have soared by an impressive 55%, reflecting investor confidence. Yesterday, the share price surged by another 10%, hitting the upper circuit, indicating a strong bullish sentiment among investors. This surge highlights the market’s optimism towards the company’s future prospects under the leadership of the influential political figure.

Heritage Foods Limited has witnessed a significant rise in its share price from Rs. 424 on June 3 to Rs. 661 today. With Nara Bhuvaneswari owning a substantial 24.37 percent share in Heritage, she has earned a staggering Rs. 579 crores through shares in just five days. Notably, Nara Brahmani, serving as the whole-time director of Heritage Foods Limited, oversees the company’s operations and strategic direction, contributing to its growth and success.

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A further consequence of Chandrababu’s electoral victory was a sharp increase in land values in Amaravati, his ideal capital.

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