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Mumbai Ghatkopar hoarding collapse: Bhavesh Bhide, the proprietor of an illegal billboard in Udaipur, was detained by Mumbai Police

Mumbai Ghatkopar hoarding collapse: Bhavesh Bhide, the propriMumbai Ghatkopar hoarding collapse

Mumbai Ghatkopar hoarding collapse: Bhavesh Bhide, the owner of an illegal billboard company, was arrested by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch on Thursday, May 16. Bhide was apprehended in Udaipur and is currently being transported to Mumbai. His company was responsible for erecting the giant billboard that collapsed during an unexpected dust storm in Mumbai, resulting in the tragic loss of 16 lives on Monday.

Bhavesh Bhide’s company installed a giant billboard in the Ghatkopar area of Mumbai. He is the director of the advertising firm Ego Media Pvt Ltd, which was in charge of building the hoarding.

The search and rescue effort was declared over on Thursday by BMC Commissioner Bhushan Gagrani following an inspection of the Ghatkopar site.

According to the civic chief, the rescuers had made sure the location was clear of any further trapped individuals by properly inspecting it.

According to him, the task of removing the debris will now continue throughout the day.

As stated by Gagrani, the rescue effort was carried out and concluded by authorities such as the Mumbai Police, BMC, BPCL, NDRF, Mumbai Fire Department, and Mahanagar Gas, all of which “maintained proper coordination.”

The IAS official added that action is being done on a “war footing” to remove unlawful hoardings throughout the city. -Mumbai Ghatkopar hoarding collapse

“There should be no hoardings in the city unless they match the requirements given down for them. So it’s not about who owns them or where they are,” Gagrani explained.

According to Gagrani, hoardings that the BMC has approved must have structural soundness.

In a similar vein, he noted that the Railways have been ordered to adhere to the guidelines and take down any hoardings that don’t fit the bill.

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The Government Railway Police owned the site where the illegal massive hoarding that collapsed in Ghatkopar was located, according to officials.

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