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Mahatma Gandhi: Filmmaker accuses PM Modi of making a highly derogatory comment about Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi: Filmmaker accuses PM Modi of making

Mahatma Gandhi: The National Award-winning director Luit Kumar Barman filed a complaint against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, May 29, citing the latter’s contentious comments about Mahatma Gandhi in an interview as “highly derogatory and an insult to the Father of the Nation.

Luit Kumar Barman filed the complaint with the Hatigaon police station in Guwahati. The police, however, have stated that no FIR has been filed in connection with PM Modi’s remarks against Mahatma Gandhi.

In his complaint, the filmmaker expressed, This statement is highly derogatory and cannot be tolerated by an Indian citizen. As citizens, we cannot condone any insult directed towards Mahatma Gandhi. There is no need for a film to introduce him to the world…

Additionally, by equating  Gandhi with a film, Narendra Modi has tarnished the reputation of  Gandhi as well as the reputation of the Indian people. Consequently, I urge you to pursue legal action against Narendra Modi under the appropriate sections of the law.

In an interview with ABP, PM Modi stated that Mahatma Gandhi was a tremendous person all over the world. Wasn’t it our obligation over the last 75 years to guarantee that the entire world knows about Him? I’m sorry to inform you that no one knows about him. When the film ‘Gandhi’ was originally released, there was worldwide interest in who this person was.

PM Modi’s comments about Mahatma Gandhi have sparked tremendous resentment in the public and political circles.

Farooq Abdullah, president of the National Conference (NC), called the comments shocking. He continued, saying that although they are both from Gujarat, the prime minister “feels shame” for honoring  Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, referring to his educational background. He clarified that only a student of ‘Entire Political Science’ would need to watch the film to know about Mahatma Gandhi.

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Congress’s Jairam Ramesh said I don’t know on which planet the outgoing prime minister lives where Gandhi was not recognized globally before 1982. If anyone has ruined the Mahatma’s legacy, it is the outgoing prime minister himself. His administration has demolished Gandhian institutions in Varanasi, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

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