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Kejriwal News: The Delhi High Court will rule today regarding Arvind Kejriwal’s bail

Kejriwal News The Delhi High Court will rule today regarding

Kejriwal News: Today, the Delhi High Court will render a decision on the ED’s request for a stay of the trial court’s judgment granting Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal regular bail in the excise policy case.

On Thursday, Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court granted bail to Arvind Kejriwal, who was arrested by the ED in March in connection with the excise policy case. However, the ED moved to the Delhi High Court the following day, seeking a stay on the trial court’s order.

The Delhi High Court later imposed an interim stay on Kejriwal’s release until it decides on the ED’s plea. On Saturday, Kejriwal moved the Supreme Court against this interim stay.

The AAP chief would have been released from Tihar Jail on Friday if the court had not paused the lower court’s order.

The agency has argued that the trial court’s decision was biased and unreasonable. It also claims that it was not given sufficient time to present its arguments.


On Monday, Kejriwal’s lawyer submitted written arguments in the high court, stating that the ED‘s assertions are clearly incorrect, and misleading, and amount to evasion and misrepresentation.

He stated, “The ED’s repeated claim that it was not given a fair hearing and that all its arguments were not addressed should be dismissed outright. As mentioned, the bail order thoroughly addresses all pertinent arguments from both sides and the reasons for granting bail demonstrate careful consideration by the Court on every aspect.” -Kejriwal News

The submissions further emphasized that Kejriwal is deeply troubled by the interim stay. They asserted that the trial court’s decision was thoroughly reasoned, made after careful deliberation, and taken into account arguments and positions presented by both parties.

On Monday, the lawyer representing the AAP leader informed the Supreme Court that Kejriwal could be released pending the high court’s decision on the ED’s plea. The lawyer also stated that Kejriwal poses no flight risk.

The Supreme Court said on Monday that it would prefer to wait for the high court’s decision before scheduling a hearing on Kejriwal’s plea for June 26.

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The court also observed that the interim stay issued by the Delhi High Court was uncommon.

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