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Kangana Ranaut was slapped and abused’ by CISF troops at Mohali airport, according to an inquiry

Kangana Ranaut was slapped and abused' by CISF troopsKangana Ranaut slapped by CISF constable

Kangana Ranaut: Actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut has reported that at the Mohali International Airport in Chandigarh, a female CISF security officer assaulted and mistreated her. Kangana said she was worried about the “rising militancy and terrorism in Punjab” but that she was secure in a message posted on social media soon after the incident.

secure and flawlessly fine. The incident at Chandigarh airport occurred during the security check. After completing the check, a CISF security officer in another cabin waited for me to pass by before striking me in the face and verbally abusing me. When I questioned her actions, she claimed to support the farmers’ protest. Although I am unharmed, I am concerned about the increasing terrorism and militancy in Punjab. How should we address this issue? Kangana said.

According to ANI, a CISF officer with the rank of constable allegedly hit Kangana at Chandigarh Airport during a frisking argument. According to ANI, an investigative committee comprised of top CISF personnel has been formed to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Punjab Farmers

In a later video, security workers were seen stating that Kangana had made inappropriate remarks about the women who took part in the farmers’ protest, one of whom was her mother.

The CISF officer was quoted saying, ‘She made a statement that the farmers are protesting for Rs 100. Would she go and sit there? My mother was protesting when she made this statement…

The Indian Express reports that the female constable alleged, under interrogation, that Kangana Ranaut made disparaging remarks to all Punjabi women during the farmers‘ protest. Kangana declared that she would lodge a grievance with the MHA.

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The CISF has suspended the lady constable and filed a formal complaint with the local police to open an FIR in connection with the case.

Kangana was proclaimed the winner of the Mandi Lok Sabha seat in the results released on Tuesday. She defeated Congress candidate Vikramaditya Singh by more than 74,000 votes.

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