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Indian Army: The Indian Army’s creative anti-tank missile mounted on a tractor: fusing tradition with technology

Indian Army: The Indian Army's creative anti-tank missile mounted

Indian Army: In India’s push for self-sufficiency in defense, a striking image has seized the nation’s focus. The Indian Army has showcased an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) installed on an agricultural tractor.

Recently, the Indian Army’s Western Command released photos of this ingenious setup on X (previously Twitter). While some praised the innovation, others criticized the concept. what is the special of ATGM and why was it mounted on a tractor?

Why Mount an ATGM on a tractor?

The adaptability of a tractor is the key reason for picking it. Tractors can easily travel many terrains, including the desert, swamp, forest, and paved roads. As a result, they are suited for deployment along Pakistan’s difficult border in Punjab and Gujarat. Tractors are also excellent at camouflage. They can blend in effortlessly in woodlands or deserts, giving them a strategic advantage in surprise strikes on enemy bunkers, tanks, and armored vehicles.

In regions like Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, Indian farmers frequently operate in fields near the Pakistani border. Should a conflict arise, akin to the 1965 war, this configuration of a tractor with an ATGM could facilitate discreet missile strikes from the concealment of fields and foliage. Nonetheless, unlike heavily fortified Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) or BMPs, soldiers positioned on tractors are more vulnerable, relying on natural cover for defense.

Need for Innovation

The Indian Army is in desperate need of a wheeled armored platform, specifically the Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle. These new vehicles would be more advanced and lethal than the current BMP-2 armored vehicles, which need to be upgraded. Until these new vehicles become available, improvised tractor-mounted ATGMs provide a stopgap answer.

Western Command’s Display

The Western Command’s social media post featured photos from GOC Kharga Corps Lieutenant General Rahul Singh’s recent visit to the Jessore Brigade in Punjab. During the tour, the brigade demonstrated some of its creative solutions, such as the tractor-mounted ATGM. This configuration, which includes a Konkurs ATGM launcher, can kill tanks from a range of 40 meters to four kilometers away.

Global Examples

India is not alone in its ingenious military adaptations. Last year, at its annual military parade, North Korea unveiled a large number of tractor-mounted ATGMs. North Korea’s strained relationship with South Korea, as well as the presence of the strongly defended DMZ, necessitate such developments.

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Similarly, in the early weeks of the Russia-Ukrainian war, Ukrainian farmers could be seen towing abandoned Russian tanks with their tractors. This shows how local intelligence can play an important role in wartime situations.

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