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Goa Airport: Lightning struck the Goa airport runway, causing six aircraft to be diverted

Goa Airport: Lightning struck the Goa airport runway, causing six

Goa Airport: The Manohar International Airport (MIA) in north Goa diverted six flights to nearby destinations following a lightning strike on Wednesday (May 22) evening. The strike damaged the runway edge lights, as confirmed by an airport official. This incident caused significant disruptions in flight schedules. Passengers experienced delays and inconvenience. The airport is working to repair the damage promptly.

The issue caused by the lightning strike was swiftly handled by the officials, according to RV Sheshan, a spokesperson for GMR Goa International Airport Limited (GGIAL). To resume regular airport operations, the damaged lights were fixed and replaced.

Manohar International Airport (MIA), in Goa, experienced damage to its runway edge lights at approximately 5:15 p.m. due to a lightning strike. According to the MIA official, the damaged lights were replaced and restored during the eight-hour notice period that the MIA gave to airmen to resume regular airport operations.

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Six planes were rerouted to airports close by.

Six flights experienced passenger discomfort when they were redirected to neighboring destinations during the NOTAM period. The airport representative sincerely apologized for any inconvenience caused and emphasized that these kinds of natural disasters are out of human control.

The coastal state also contains another airport, Dabolim in South Goa, in addition to the MIA.

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