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G7 Summit: Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, and PM Modi had bilateral meetings

G7 Summit Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, and PMG7 Summit

G7 Summit: On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in bilateral discussions with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. This meeting occurred on the sidelines of the G7 Summit, providing an opportunity for the leaders to discuss various issues. Their talks focused on strengthening bilateral relations and addressing global challenges.

At Prime Minister Meloni’s invitation, Modi traveled to Italy early on Friday in order to attend the G7 Outreach meeting. Following his third term of office earlier this month, this visit is his first overseas tour. During his stay, Modi is expected to engage in several high-level meetings and discussions aimed at enhancing international cooperation.

“Prime Minister Meloni’s visits to India last year played a crucial role in adding momentum and depth to our bilateral agenda,” Modi stated in Delhi before his departure on Thursday.

“We remain committed to strengthening the India-Italy strategic partnership and enhancing cooperation in the Indo-Pacific and Mediterranean regions,” he said.

The G7, comprising Canada, the UK, the US, France, Italy, Germany, and Japan, is currently presided over by Italy. As the current president of the G7, Italy is hosting this year’s summit.

The bloc expanded to include Russia, becoming the G8 from 1997 to 2013. Unfortunately, due to the invasion of Crimea, Russia’s participation was halted in 2014.

Continuing its tradition, the host nation that holds the chair invites representatives from various countries and international organizations to the summit.

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Leaders of eleven developing nations in Africa, South America, and the Indo-Pacific area have also been invited by Italy to attend the summit, in addition to India.

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