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CM Chandrababu ‘s first speech in the AP Assembly, ‘Developed Andhra Pradesh is our dream’

CM Chandrababu 's first speech in the AP Assembly, 'Developed

CM Chandrababu Naidu said Ayyannapatra is a firebrand forever. In terms of dedication, Ayanna’s character is hailed as a hardened yellow soldier. Assembly sessions have started in Andhra Pradesh. Protem Speaker Butchaiah Chaudhary administered the oath to the candidates selected as MLAs. Later, the members of the House unanimously elected Ayanna Patra, who has a long political experience, as Speaker. On this occasion, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu made some key comments about Speaker Ayanna Patrudu. He said that he considered the party as his mother and did politics sincerely for 43 years.

CM Chandrababu

He recalled past experiences that tens of illegal cases including rape were filed against the spotless Ayyannapatra in the last 5 years. However, without fear of anything, he fought bravely won the people, and came to the assembly. He said on this occasion that the previous government had disrespected the Honorable Legislature. He said that the assembly of the day was a platform for insults, insults, and attacks. chandra babu expressed his grief that he and his family members were insulted but were not even given a chance to speak. That is why he once again mentioned in the full house that he vowed to return to the Honorable Sabha as Chief Minister and left.

Former Chief Minister YS Jagan said that the results of the 2019 elections were God’s script. But a calculation says that the alliance got 11 seats in this election. Amaravati capital farmers’ movement lasted for 1631 days. If we add them according to numerology (1+6+3+1) we get 11 numbers. Also, Jana Sena President and current Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan will be allowed to touch the gate of the Nadu Assembly. But the members of the Janasena party including him said that if they contest in 21 seats, the candidates have won in all 21 seats.

Pawan Kalyan

He praised Pawan Kalyan as a leader who knows when to step down and when to take charge. While a developed India (Vikasit Bharat) is the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a developed Andhra Pradesh (Vikasit Andhra Pradesh) is the dream of all of us. CM Chandrababu urged everyone to work together to make Andhra Pradesh a poverty-free state. He also expressed his deep distress over the mistreatment of women in the legislature during that period.

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He said that such incidents should not be repeated and conduct the Honorable Sabha. It was explained that the people also realized the injustice done to them and sent it to the Honorable Sabha. That is why it is the responsibility of the assembly to protect their trust and clear the debt of the people. He said that people have already punished YCP… They do not need to mock that party anymore.

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